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Sugar reviving


The title of my article is to pre-war slogan sugar. The content of his so firmly lodged in human consciousness, that is lingering to the present.

What we know about the negative effects of sugar on the human body

Impact on the psyche
Excess sugar has a strong negative impact on brain functioning. This causes a drastic decrease in the capacity to assess and memory, fatigue, sleepiness, decrease in energy, stress, aggression, restlessness, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, dizziness. The doctor diagnosed anxiety caused by stress, prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants, sedatives without thinking about where lies the cause of the symptoms that occur in such a mass scale that resemble the epidemic.

Today, many informed doctors around the world repeats what he preached in the forties, Dr. Tintera: "nobody, under no circumstances should begin psychiatric treatment, without undergoing the glucose tolerance test to determine whether a person's body is able to absorb sugar" . Studies on the history of the diet of patients diagnosed as schizophrenic reveals that elected their diet is rich in sweets, candies, cookies, coffee, caffeinated drinks and foods prepared with sugar. Many different illnesses, both physical and mental health is directly linked with the consumption of pure refined sugar or sucrose.

Effects on the body's metabolic balance and the development of osteoporosis
The fact that sugar affects bad teeth, we know that for a long time, but few reflect on this, how does it affect your overall health. From childhood we are accustomed to sweets, ice cream, beverages, unwittingly contributing to an imbalance in our body. Wise nature itself protects us against a sudden shock of eating large quantities. The elimination of acidic compounds resulting from the decay occurs via the kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. Sugar consumed daily, however, breaks all the barriers, a state of chronic acidification of the body. In order to restore the fragile balance (homeostasis), the demand for all minerals. Element neutralizing organic acids is mainly calcium. In the case of insufficient supply in the diet, the body goes back to the stocks stored in bones and teeth. His relationship with the acid products of metabolism are excreted by the kidneys but some is deposited in the form of crystals in the urinary system stones forming in the joints and periarticular tissues, causing pain known as rheumatic. Be drawn from stocks such amount of calcium that arises not only tooth decay but is growing, even in children, osteoporosis. Working in the pediatric clinic I could tell in about two thirds of children of all types of curvature of the spine and related postural problems resulting from weakened bone structure. When I tried to explain to parents what is the role of sugar, I met with incredulity and an indulgent smile. Parents can not imagine raising her own child without the continuous supply him sweets and confectionery.
Researchers justify the existence of factors of osteoporosis, genetic, menopause, not to mention anything about the acidifying role of sugar. Are these explanations when it becomes clearer that, lack of efficacy in the treatment of osteoporosis, calcium preparations - witaminowymi? Often, merely asserts that the addition of fats sugars in our body's main energy source, and thus are an essential fuel supportive living processes. We forget, however, that with proper nutrition sufficient supply us with the quantity of fruits and vegetables.

Effect of consumption of sugar on the formation of a team of ADHD (ADD)
In the U.S., Europe and now in Poland, hyperactive children treated with psychotropic drugs, not realizing it matter that this is due to abuse of the sugar and the consequent shortage of minerals and especially magnesium. The dominant physical hyperactivity is linked with the state of aggression against the environment. Americans call this disease ADD or ADHD or translating it into Polish - Team Excessive physical activity. Clinical studies conducted with children hyperactive, psychotic, with brain damage or learning problems showed extremely low levels of sugar in the blood. This is followed by a very fast due to its decline, after previous ingestion of large quantities. In the nomenclature of medicine is called hypoglycemia. Observe the typical withdrawal symptoms manifest themselves in children whose parents turned off from eating sweets as aggressiveness, malaise, headache, trembling.
I recommend the exclusion from the diet of sugar and confectionery products, giving vitamin and mineral preparations and the maximum dose of magnesium. It happens very often that parents are concerned about the mental state of their kids, not withstanding a pressure environment, integrate back into the diet of sweets and confectionery. Did not like the signs of addiction? The pioneers of psychiatry argue that mental illness is a myth. Emotional disturbances can be the first symptom of the human body's inability to combat the stress associated with addiction to sugar.

The impact of sugar consumption on the development of overweight and obesity
There are various theories to explain why so very tempting sweets. According to one of them, just we associate with childhood, when he experienced a form of reward. It seems more probable theory, saying that most of the sweet edible things in nature is not toxic. Thus, a man from a sweet taste is not a name for himself as a protective barrier against the bitter taste and sour. Many of us can not imagine living without sweetness, ignoring the fact that they do not substitute for normal food such as waffles for lunch. Objadając on candy, we eliminate from the diet, fruit, vegetables, thus depriving the body of vitamins and minerals. The adverse effect of sweets is also in the fact that these children often receive an appetite, affect overweight, changing habits and slowly begin to rely. Currently a third of a child under the age of 3 years are overweight. Already 1957 years, Dr. William Coda Martin classified refined c ukier as a poison because it is devoid of elements to facilitate its digestion. To digest the sugar, the body needs some B vitamins, organic compounds of zinc, chromium, fiber, and a few others. They occur in a natural form of sugar beet and cane. Eating refined sugar, forcing the digestive system to wear their own stock of vitamins and minerals. Unless we provide them in sufficient quantity and other food products or vitamin and mineral food additives, their deficiency will be reflected in a very negative effect on the state of our health.

Commerce - sweet poison
Since you are required to enter the exact calorific values ??on the labels of food products, sugar, hides under the name as a carbohydrate. The contents of the so-called. added sugars are high, if one of the names appear on the first or second ingredient list, or if it contains a few of those names. As a result, customers are not given a quantitative sugar content, which is to improve the flavor is added to almost every product. Added sugars are those that are added to food during processing and preparation for sale, as opposed to the naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables. Body is not able to capture the difference between naturally occurring and added sugars because they are chemically identical. They provide calories, but do not contain vitamins and minerals. The main source of added sugars are niedietetyczne sodas, juices, sweets and candies, confectionery, fruit drinks. You can check by reading the label on the packaging that the products most commonly consumed, they are "enriched" with sugar. Food, diet containing no added sugars, but an organic compound called Aspartame, a popular sweetener, is even worse because it is a true biological poison nerve cells. To quench your thirst is to drink pure spring water niskomineralizowaną such as Zywiec and to encourage their children.

In conclusion, let us think about this time - who is reviving the sugar?
Sugar reviving


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