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Meat in our diet


What we know about meat processing

In the 90 entered our market a modern meat processing machines - injectors and tumblers. This was the peak of the latest techniques of meat processing. It started a race in pumping the meat with water containing preservatives.She began to struggle meat producers for money. Because at that time commuted Polish standards governing the content of preservatives in food, began to be brought into our country becoming more modern machines.Efficiency is the key word today in the processing of meat. Today 90% of high-quality meat that we buy in stores are highly efficient products. This means that they contain may be in its mass weight of the meat 50% wtłoczonego fluid. Until recently, one hundred kilograms of meat quality were allowed to produce 52 kg or 86 kg kabanosy ham. "Performance" of these products was respectively 52 percent. and 86 percent. Today, with the same amount of meat produced 200 kilograms and "noble" sausages.

It is no different from poultry products that have little to do with poultry. They are produced from the IMO, which is de-boned poultry meat. It is a mixture of ground bone, cartilage, bone marrow, tendons. Until 1995, the use of this specyfiku prohibited. Now it is not. The addition of MOM-u significantly lowers production costs. Most use it in parówkach, kaszankach and pasztetowych.The steaming may be meat, but it is not necessary. When representatives of the Commerce Inspekcjji examine the goods, are only interested in what the manufacturer gave up. If, after examining the composition of the sample agrees with the declared, everything is fine. Sausage may be, for instance, a few ground ingredients, not necessarily of animal origin. There you can add even toilet paper, as long as a whole was not harmful to health. In addition, everyone has the right to call your product, as he pleases. It was just that the manufacturer has decided to call it something sausage.

The meat is injected into the water with toxic substances. The composition of the brine are wielofosforany, nitrate, nitrite is also used to manufacture explosives, Coca-Cola, agricultural fertilizer. 1 liter of saline costs zł. The manufacturer shall in accordance with the provisions of the commodity information that the ham is inflated with water, the name of its sound - a high performance product. " The food wolnoamerykanka prevailed. The winner is the one who produce cheaper, and its products are "vicious." The consumer must reckon with the fact that after several days of storage in a refrigerator, with the sausage begins to spill water. Pumping meat in Polish meat processing plants took the form of a race between manufacturers. The only limit the amount of water in the sausage is the only quality equipment and strength of meat. Machine for stamping the meat covered with dense pale gray goo sheepskin called injector. High-pressure injected meat, which is used for making high-quality meats - hams, loins, balerony. After pulling the products from this wonderful machine can have a weight of up to 100% greater. Universal also has become a throw into the mill (cutter), grinding the meat into sausages and frankfurters growing number of tendons, skin and fat.Have become the rage of the machine, which, thanks to flexible igłom bypassing the bone, they can inflate the animal killed, before dismantling them to pieces. Buying a ham at the store, no one can determine whether the water with salts in 30, 50 or 70% by weight. To kill the nasty taste and odor is added to a growing catalog of spices. Recently, food technologists have discovered that there is a fifth taste, flavor next to a salty, sweet, bitter and sour. It's umami - long known Asiatic. Substances that cause the impression there are such in some Asian mushrooms. Make the dish taste very gains.We can not say why this is so, because I can not describe the flavor of this effect in terms of the known tastes. We are happy but we look after "umamione" products. The problem is that it has developed the chemical equivalent of natural umami, or monosodium glutamate. Its impact on the human body is not fully understood. Known, however, that this substance in large quantities is harmful to health. Producers know, however, that using this substance, the consumer may attach to any dirty tricks.

The problem became animals improperly slaughtered, dying in terrible agony.Their meat as a result of metabolic changes of water loses its ability to adopt.The problem is not the producers but the sellers have become leaky sausage and the possibility of cutting it into slices. To prevent spillage of meat, it becomes increasingly more common to use a thin film of plastic, resembling a natural sausage skin. Currently, the following special type of glue so that the specially inflated ham is like rubber. These are chemical compounds that are able to bind the excess water inside the meat, so czemuzapewniają its firmness. Until recently, manufacturers of meat injected with starch with wheat flour and flour but it became another entry in the list of savings. SFE so after a more modern, cheaper and more efficient raw materials. There are soy protein, starch, seaweed extracts and preparations of tropical plants.Specimens of the world's flora, vegetation so closely linked to water-injected meat, as a result are less expensive than the raw materials used for decades in the Polish meat processing. Polish boils down to the cheapest but unfortunately preparations are unstable and easily subject to a process of fermentation.

We no longer have illusions that we eat ham is smoked. Composed by scientists from dozens of chemical components of aromas reminiscent in taste, color and smell of wood smoke. In modern paint sprayed with a mixture of hanging strips of meat. First, however, the meat must be bathed in a solution containing most of the elements in the periodic table, so that the lacquer layer adheres nicely and gave it an appetizing, shiny appearance. In general, the process of injection, soaking or coating is much faster and more efficient than the traditional preparation of meat for smoking. This brings the producers much greater financial benefits. It is interesting to say that there are no standards in Poland, which would regulate the amount of brine cured.As far outweigh the profits the size of fines imposed for the drastic examples of commercial inspections, it does not constitute any threat to producers.Commercial inspection, inspectors repeatedly alarmed at dangerously high concentrations of polyphosphates in meat. Their excess causes bone hypoplasia in children, osteoporosis in older people. Are also very dangerous nitrates and nitrites, which are formed in the body very aggressive free radicals. During my lectures on the relationship preservatives used in food industry, the question invariably rains - what in the end you can eat. I invariably answer that the more valuable is knowing what not to eat. Therefore, do not eat high quality meats, especially the red-purple, raw meat purchased in supermarkets, the color pink, hot dogs, grilled chicken, pates. Shopping should be done only in selected stores, which supplied goods manufacturers of small production companies, who can not afford is to buy expensive Western equipment.
Enjoy your meal.

Meat in our diet

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