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Get rid of overweight and recover health


What we know about simple obesity
Overweight and obese is called associated with the use of improper diet. Research conducted in the U.S. showed that since 1977 the amount of obese people in this country increased by 31%. The paradox is that fat consumption has decreased by 11% and the number of people consuming food products, and High converted wysokowęglowodanowe increased from 19 to 76%. The results of these studies show that the causes of weight gain are not contingent in amount of calories but the type of food. After the meal, in which there is no necessary to live minerals, vitamins, all the cells in our body, despite the apparent satiety are more hungry and are demanding the next batch of food. The old diet consisted mainly of so-called food. low glycemic index, not causing a surge in blood glucose (sugar) and insulin levels in the blood. At the beginning of the twentieth century the amount of obese people was negligible. It is interesting that it occurs in the U.S. among the poorest people, who prefer the style of eating in fast food. People are more affluent are back to eating more natural products. Undoubtedly, they are more aware of the imminent danger of losing their health.

The mechanism of the yo - yo
Scientists utwierdzili our belief that carbohydrates should be the primary source of food. Thanks to the low intake of fat should not be in their opinion, the problem of obesity and related diseases including heart and circulatory system. The change of diet has led to the fact that people consume 80 - 85% of calories in the form of carbohydrates. Paradoxically, however, is that the less fat they eat, the fatter they are. None of the representatives of the medical world does not call for alarm, that this diet does not bring us good health. Excess carbohydrate calories in the diet is converted to stocks of unwanted fat. Moderate eating fat does not cause it to accumulate in the "storage" of fatty tissue. Wysokowęglowodanowej diet and weight loss simultaneous attempt to use the manufacturers absolutely wonderful diet, diet patches, surgeons suction superfluous fat.
Losing weight is for the use of the same elements of the diet, with reduced their consumption, causing the so-called. yo effect - that is, yo weight loss followed by an even greater increase in its. Since the body to defend a period of starvation before losing fat for energy stocks, makes it difficult to access them, use only the calories received in the current diet. Arises in connection with the so-called. hypoglycemia - a decrease in blood sugar levels and therefore increases the desire to eat sweets and high calorie products. Only a change of nutrients and lifestyle will allow us to lose excess weight, regain energy and health.

Why do we assume the weight
The corresponding ratio in the diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats is the key to sustained weight loss and optimal health. Unfortunately, many people do not know what are carbohydrates. Most people think that carbs are just sugar, confectionery and pasta. Lack of knowledge about them will commit a series of errors in the process of weight loss. Carbohydrates should be delivered to the body only as needed and appropriate proportion in relation to fats and proteins. Glucose storage is a reserve material in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles. Glycogen from the muscles is inaccessible to the brain. May return to the bloodstream as glucose, but only from the liver. Receive it as a store of glycogen is limited and can easily be emptied in 10 - 12 hours. Reserves of glycogen in the liver must be constantly maintained at a constant level or to 60 - 90 g. The muscles accumulate in quantities of 300 - 400 g. This is equivalent to a portion of cooked pasta or three servings of sweets. The size of glycogen reserves is fixed to maintain good brain function. Excess glucose can no longer be converted by the body to glycogen and fat but the fat fills warehouses. When a meal generates high levels of glucose in the blood, in order to reduce its level, the pancreas into the bloodstream throw excessive amounts of insulin. Because the cells can be moved a limited amount of glucose and glycogen stores are full, it must be converted and stored in the form of fat. To avoid gaining weight, you reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet and make more fat. Thanks to reduce the amount of insulin secreted into the bloodstream. After about 3 months to stabilize the work of the pancreas and insulin wydzialanej amount will be adequate to the type of meal.

Hypoglycemia and weight gain problem
Diet, your body gets used wysokowęglowodanowej to overproduction of insulin. The increase in blood sugar causes the secretion of large amounts of insulin by the pancreas. This is to reduce blood glucose and transferred to the sugar into the cells of the body. Overproduction of insulin becomes a process over time settled and even consumption of food containing a small amount of carbohydrates causes habitual, a large burst of blood. A symptom of this are large fluctuations in blood sugar. Overproduction of insulin is removed too quickly from the blood glucose, which is a natural source of energy and serves as a motor fuel. Hypoglycemia in the blood is very common lately. While feeling a sudden tiredness and lethargy during the day, it is associated with a decrease in blood glucose. Eating a "bad carbohydrates" will quickly restore the balance upset, resulting in an immediate improvement in mood and increased energy. Unfortunately, excess insulin produced results in more rapid decline in blood glucose and fall into a vicious cycle of starting to eat more and eat.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia are:


  1. Sudden tiredness without obvious reason
  2. Nervous irritability and hyperactivity
  3. Aggressiveness, impatience, strong anxiety
  4. Yawning and lack of concentration
  5. Headaches
  6. Excessive sweating, moist hands
  7. Unwillingness to work and especially to take the mental effort
  8. Digestive disorders, flatulence, nausea, dizziness
  9. Difficulties in concentration and glorifying the


< style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; color: #000000; line-height: normal;"> Chronic fatigue syndrome
Much more susceptible to the symptoms of hypoglycemia are women and hence their tendency to eat sweets and confectionery, and the related phenomenon of mood changes. Chronic fatigue has become a hallmark of the people of our time.

The phenomenon of hypoglycemia using strictly producers of foodstuffs based on sugar-based body accustomed to it from maleńkości. Encourage the consumption of advertising such as candy or chocolate wafelka for lunch. Advertising in mass media people take very seriously, not reflecting on the fact that its sole purpose is not to improve our health but profit at any cost. Consumption of fats and proteins do not mobilize the pancreas to work too intense. Consumption of natural fiber with carbohydrates can significantly reduce the amount of sugar absorbed by the body. By adding fat to the diet, digestion and absorption of carbohydrates is slower. It is believed that a third or even half of the population and is unable to efficiently digest carbohydrates. During the evolution of the human body has adapted to good digestion of meat and plants. Wysokowęglowodanową diet was introduced relatively recently and the human body did not manage to it przystować. There has, therefore, a sharp increase in the incidence of diabetes, secondary and rightly called the disease of civilization.

How to get rid of excess weight

Losing weight should be carried out in two phases:

  1. drop weight
  2. to maintain weight stability

You should not assume at the outset how many pounds to lose weight at a given time. Every body otherwise utilizes the energy contained in the diet, physical activity is different, different ways of preparing meals, etc. I recall that as excessive weight gain corresponds to the high concentration of insulin in the blood, and not vice versa. Consumption of food products wysokowęglowodanowych mobilizes the pancreas to produce insulin excess and over time it becomes a mechanism of its work. In this case, any type of food results in a sudden and rapid increase of its concentration in the blood. This can be seen, of course, progressive obesity. Another paradox may be that in the initial phase of weight loss, even drastically reducing calorie intake, weight gain. This is due to the phenomenon of self-defense against the loss of body weight. Under normal conditions, such as 100% consumed calories, 10% is deposited as fat. During the famine will reduce food rations by half, is deposited in a reserve of 30% fat calories. This phenomenon will continue until the pancreas, do not get used "to a new style of work, consisting of the correct dosage of insulin into the blood, which depends on the type of meal. This is the duration varies, but not less than 2-3 months, many people saw weight loss after one month, it begins to increase the amount of food, mostly carbohydrate calories. The result is once again the outlines of the acquisition of fluffy body. This is obviously due to dysfunction of the pancreas have unstable jobs. This is called a symptom of a yo-yo.

The first stage
A very serious mistake, in the process of losing weight is forgoing meals. As mentioned above, this will lead to even greater percentage of fat deposition. The only restriction to be observed in all cases is to eat food that has a so-called. low-GI foods within 35th (Michel Montignac "eat to lose weight," ARTVITAE, Warsaw 1999, page 41 - table).
You can fool the body in other ways by eating breakfast, as the first meal, a portion of salad or an apple. It releases into the bloodstream small amount of insulin. After several minutes of getting breakfast consisting of carbohydrates with low glycemic index such as wholemeal bread, rye or whole grain, protein - dairy, lean sausage. The body recognizes the relevant portions of the meal as a salad the next release of small portions of pancreatic insulin. Because I also have a tendency to gain weight, in the spring until late autumn for breakfast I eat a big plate of salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers seasoned with white pepper, black, herbal, turmeric as an antioxidant swoistymi. The composition of vegetables can be varied. It's all icing 1-2 tablespoons olive oil and cold stamping. The aim is to extract the fat-soluble vitamins - A, D, E and K. The role of essential fatty acids contained in the oil I wrote in the previous study. In addition, the so-called wysycają. fatty cell membrane receptors, preventing them from connecting to regular fats, which are contained in meat. An additional component of my breakfast in the autumn - winter period is 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil pita morning on an empty stomach. Fat Fish relaxes the vascular wall, reduces blood viscosity to prevent intravascular coagulation processes, the process of atherosclerosis. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 have a strong anti-inflammatory properties. Lunch should consist of fat, protein and carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Source of protein and fat are fish, meat and eggs. I would not recommend buying milk in shops. The meat should be fried without batter, the sauce did not add flour roux to the soup and toast. Fry in lard is only due to its high (160 * C) temperature distribution. Do not use any cooking oils and reduce the use of butter.

Method of cooking dinner
You can cook the meat in any way - fried, boiled, braised. On the second plate to impose a large amount of pig iron, instead of potatoes. It should consist of all the colorful vegetables. Do not add sugar to it. Definitely would not recommend any sweet desserts. For several minutes before and after meals should not drink fluids, which dilute the gastric juices, and interfere with digestion.
Dinner - leave it to your enemy.
The gastrointestinal tract should have his break the night. For dinner you can eat fruits and drink natural juices from fruits and vegetables or wholemeal bread, rye and thinly spread with butter and of course with a salad of vegetables. You can eat a plate of thick vegetable soup, cooked beans, cauliflower, broccoli, kasha full of vegetables. Warn before eating a dinner of meat, milk, any foods containing solid fat. The body in the night is the biggest trend for the storage of fat.
To create for themselves a wholesome diet, stay healthy and also enabling lose weight, you should take the following rules for components of main courses:

  • 3 times a week meat or cold cuts
  • 3 times a week, chicken without skin
  • 1-2 times a week egg
  • 3-4 times a week fish
  • 3-4 times a week as an add-cooked legumes


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Unlimited amount of salad. Plants containing starch (low glycemic index) such as peas, beans, long grain rice can be a significant part of a meal or even a main dish. I recommend a diet supplemented with vitamins, mineral compounds of natural origin!

Things to avoid:

  • potatoes and their intermediates and cakes of white flour
  • pojadania between meals
  • sip liquid food before and after eating
  • fast food (carefully chew food)
  • Avoid stress while eating a meal

There is no set time limit for completing the first stage. It is dependent on the time limit to return to the right for their body weight and well-being or health.

Stage Two
The second stage is reduced to a larger first stage and in a sense is its extension. While we ate in the previous stage, the products of glycemic index (GI) 35 now so we can eat at the 50th IE However, this means that when you turn on the products in the diet of the IG 50 is a must for them to choose the other with a very low GI to compensate for the increase in blood glucose. For example, say that you can eat rice with vegetables, potatoes and cabbage or peas or lentils. I prefer eating boiled potatoes with plenty of salad vegetables (IG 15). While we would like to run wild and eat cake with a high GI, first I would recommend to eat a portion of salad vegetables. In this case, the resultant IG becomes much less significant. In addition, consumption of high GI foods at the end of the meal, causing a smaller increase in serum glucose (blood sugar). But do not urge to do too often such experiments as violations of fundamental principles leading to more frequent attempts to use them.

Back to Health
The difference between lean and obese individuals is associated only with the rate of metabolism but the consequences of excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels are identical. Unless someone decides not to eat sugar and reduce the intake of "bad carbohydrates", thus eliminate the excessive production of insulin. Your blood sugar will stabilize at an ideal level. Carbohydrates with a low GI does not cause a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar. Disappear described symptoms of hypoglycemia, improve mood, will increase energy and activity. However, please note that the symptoms of hypoglycemia may go hand in hand with the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body and hence the need for their continuous replenishment. The problem, which complain of my patients in the initial phase of transition to a proper diet low in carbohydrates is a continual feeling of hunger associated with overproduction of insulin deficiency and vitamin-mineral compounds. I can assure you that if we replace the carbohydrate calories respective oil, and it is 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and cold stamping (added to the salad), this problem will cease to exist. Very positive effect on our body Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) contained in these oils, are discussed in the article "Diet. Health. Vitality. Beauty." Understanding the mechanism of obesity sued in a rational and not emotional to begin the process of losing weight. I guarantee that after such treatment, there will be no need to seek the advice of a psychiatrist, as it is when we get into yo-yo effect.

Get rid of overweight and recover health

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