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Heartburn & Gastroesophageal reflux disease according to optimal medical


Man, like every other species of animal has a digestive system adapted to eating certain foods. It is related to its length, structure, bacterial flora, and above all with the type of enzymes produced by associated glands. For certain animals, there are products that are easily digestible, which others do not assimilate, there are also some that do not belong to the natural "menu" of a given species, but may be absorbed after being subjected to thermal treatment (eg, rice for the dog). Animal feeding according to the nature should have virtually no problems or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, of course this also applies to humans.

Today, however, rarely meets the people free from gastric problems. Diseases of the digestive system has recently become so common that the diseases are no longer considered. Such symptoms as heartburn, bloating, belching and pain in the liver occur in greater or lesser intensity in almost the entire population. Evidence of this wealth of relievers these symptoms that occur in our market. Almost every child knows the television advertising and medications for heartburn and flatulence. In Poland you can not even be illiterate and well known on the treatment of eating disorders. Measures used naturally bring relief, but it is a short-term effects and must be frequently used. This is because our current eating more and more deviates from normal. Nowadays, people are a staple food products unfit for human consumption in a raw state, and they cause gastrointestinal disturbances.

Optimal nutrition is based on animal products relatively easily digestible for humans. Starting the diet causes the disappearance of all the most hepato-intestinal problems during several days, and sometimes even faster. For optimal nutrition to eat little volume, although the meals are very caloric. In addition, after the consumption of animal products do not swell and thus do not increase their volume, as happens with foods from cereals. For this reason, very quickly felt relief related to the disappearance of stomach bloating and overcrowding. And just as quickly disappear reflux symptoms, which usually has a functional base. In people who eat large amounts of plant food comes to the pressure increase in żołądkui casting its content into the esophagus, which need not be accompanied gastric cardia sphincter insufficiency. Gastroesophageal reflux disease in addition to pain can cause bad breath, which is a result of exhalation gas tanks resulting from digestion of plant products. Rot can also cause foul-smelling stools. Remains of food entering the intestine in people, "herbivore" contain large amounts of fiber, which is a substance which is insipid and irritating to the delicate walls of the gastrointestinal tract. This irritation can cause cramps and diarrhea because your body wants to get rid of unwanted leftovers. In this case, the same change in diet entails regulate bowel function.

Optimal nutrition, as I mentioned, is diet and niewzdymającą niskoobjętościową but also ubogoresztkową. Animal fats are forming the basis for action to neutralize digestive acids and usually just drink a cup of cream eliminates even severe heartburn. The action of diet on the gastrointestinal tract is so rapid and spectacular, it can be immediately discontinued all medications, and even so will almost certainly disappear all gastrointestinal disorders. Problems with the digestive tract for optimal nutrition are extremely rare, and their cause are most fungi or parasites that lives in it. If after starting the diet will remain part of the symptoms, this should be the appropriate test. After consideration must also be taken relatively rarely occurring anatomical defects such as hiatal hernia. Typically, each doctor (not just optimal) have sufficient knowledge to start the diagnostics in this direction. In the event of an infectious disease or defect of the gastrointestinal tract should be implemented in conventional treatment, which usually has a high efficiency.

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Heartburn & Gastroesophageal reflux disease according to optimal medical

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