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Is the use of pharmacological drugs? Zentel, Metronidazole, Tynidazol


As soon as I learned about parasites inside me, I immediately ran to the doctor for medication. I found the prescribed Zentel, Tynidazol interchangeably with metronidazole. Poisoned the body in the correct order and no it was cool - I got rid of parasites, and thus regained the strength and will to live, but it turned out that not for long ..

After 3 months I decided to check how it is with me, and of course it turned out that my tenants have returned. Another przytruwanie the chemistry - you guessed it again resulted in a short time. It gave me something to think about and found out that this is not the right path.

Parasites like any living organism needs oxygen, water, food and friendly environment - where the first two needs, we are not able to pick up parasites, it's food from the table, we can clean them. All parasites (worms, grubs, bacteria, protozoa, whipworms) as simple organisms prefer to feed on węglodwodanami, sugar, flour, starch, etc. When these small organisms so liking your carbs, then maybe we should leave it to them food and they eat it then They do not like? - Fats and meat?

And what a friendly environment for parasites? - We as humans like clean and unpolluted environment poisons - just as it is with parasites - not in the contaminated śrdowiskach. Just how corrupt to bother them, and kill us? - Nature of the centuries tells us that the dose makes the poison. A large body can withstand higher doses of poisons - on small organisms need lower doses of poisons that will not kill a big one.

Permanently by eating and drinking we should przytrówać their organisms, so as to create an environment hostile to parasites. The world gives us the vegetable poisons, which are sufficient to parasites, in the form of casings of all seeds. Plants to survive any poisonous seeds of lightning surge coatings that effectively deter small and ravenous fans of the seeds.And what do we as a people we do with this charitable coatings? - Grind seeds and clean the screens, to eat food which is so very eager parasites., A poisonous shell - throw away the bitter taste as something bad, but it is this bitterness will not kill us, but it effectively przepędzi parasites of all kinds, from our organism.

Not from today saying that the bread pacieża "our daily bread" in przeszłośni never meant to be a foodstuff, only cleansing our bodies of all insects. Long ago, people did not purify grains, only baked whole-wheat bread, which protected them against infection with parasites, and as it is today? everything we can to purify horror of horrors.

Another such foodstuff is halva, which is a patchwork of original full of seeds that are so bad in the original articles, and the taste of our then-halva? deliciously sweet - our tenants are certainly very fond of her and every time if you are very happy We tempt on this delicacy.

Do not be afraid to eat the bitter and distasteful things - what we do not kill you makes us stronger.

Is the use of pharmacological drugs? Zentel, Metronidazole, Tynidazol

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