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I invite you to watch a movie about parasites. Courtesy we watch a movie in the translation into Polish. The owners of service were also so nice that they allow you to copy the whole article that parasites, in order to propagate topic among the largest group, which they do consent.

Recently we examined the viewing statistics of inpidual materials on our website. It turned out that the highest viewing figures enjoyed this film, which was viewed by more than 25 000 people.Because most have difficulty finding it, we decided to put it back in a while on the homepage.


We invite you therefore to find interesting material about the ubiquity of parasites in our environment. For many people it is sure to cause a shock. We hope that this movie does not unnecessarily nastraszy anyone (because after seeing what some may lead to hasty conclusion that the worms eat us all alive), but that it will pay attention to the potential problem and encourage everyone to check out for parasitic infection - especially when someone sees himself in any of these symptoms. Definitely worth even preventative care of your health in this regard.


Some time ago for our eastern rubieżami in many people shocked by the film documentary.It is shown on many training courses on new methods of diagnosis that are conducted with the aim of doctors to pay close attention to the problem of parasites. He has a great sense because it underestimates the question is usually not reflected in diagnosing diseases. In some medical circles the mere mention of it evokes cynical smiles.

By kind courtesy of the NC, the first in Poland, we are publishing this unique material.Please forgive us of its quality. However, we hope that this material will be instructive for you.

Warning! This material is shocked most people.

Sensitive inpiduals is not recommended for watching a movie.

Some people after seeing the movie, the obvious conclusion that the only salvation is the chemotherapy. We would like to point out that it is not. There are plenty of natural preparations with potent anthelmintic (destructive and parasitic bacteria, fungi and protozoa). On the internet you can find plenty of information about the antiparasitic action of many herbs and plants. The complete program of cleansing the body from parasites by Nadezhda Semyonov is contained in her book "The School of Health - get rid of parasites and live without her." The author has used in the creation of their treatment experience of many centuries the peoples of the Caucasus. The present state is one of the most elaborate and effective treatment programs. The book can be purchased in our store.
It is also worth a look to the compilation of various treatment programs.


Today, thanks to modern diagnostic Vega-test, we can say what you do not know old herbalists. The positive effect of the use of herbs, stems not only from the fact that they contain biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals, but also that kill parasites.





1. Comment: "Problems of such can only get rid of the surgical crashed just after the time when the parasite is shown in a small human skin. Of course, this sentence should not apply to him. This comment refers to the situation shown earlier, when it formed large colonies of parasites like cancer kilkunastocentymetrowe colonies, where it was possible to get rid of only by surgery.

2. In describing the case of the infected nematodes rider mentioned that it was a strong chemotherapy. Not to be confused with chemotherapy used in a "treat" cancer patients. These chemicals are most likely synthetic anthelmintic drugs (such as Abendazol, occurring in Poland under the trade name Zentel), whose main activity consists in blocking the usual assimilation of glucose by the parasites, so they are dying of hunger. These measures work on many types of parasites. Sentences about their harmful effects on health are pided.Abendazol for example, has proven to be teratogenic, ie, leading to fetal malformation.Therefore, the administration is not recommended to women who are pregnant or if there is the possibility that they are pregnant (the first days of fetal development). Synthetic dehelmintyki have undoubtedly useful in the case of advanced stages of infestation.

Below you will find the entire text of the translation of the film.
This material undoubtedly shock many. However, the shock is probably not the worst, what you will to experience.

This film deals with the important things for the life of every human being. Speech byparasites living in recesses of the human body and how zgubnie affect our health and wellbeing. This is a subject that has been and continues to be prohibited, but regardless of whether we are talking about it or not, the threat is coming. They are very close. They are within us.




During many centuries, parasites have adapted to life in the physical environment of the human body well enough that your body is not able by themselves to identify and destroy them. But such uninvited guests lead to loosening of the body, and some may even endanger human life.

You might think it's not worth worrying about this, because I do not yet live in a third world country, but you're wrong.

 According to statistics, you have 9 out of 10 chance of being infected with parasites.

Even in most developed countries of Europe, helmintozami, a disease caused by parasitic worms - helminty - is infected every third inhabitant. None of us - adults or children, women or men, rich or poor, is not free from the danger of contagion worms. Epidemiologists are well aware that most of the world's population are carriers of these or other types of parasites - tapeworms from a length of 10 meters and more to smaller organisms visible only under a microscope.

Authors of recent studies have found that 95% of adult organisms, people live from one to five species of parasites.

In the human body may hold more than 300 species of parasites. Contrary obiegowemu the idea that parasites live only in our large intestine, can be discovered in every part of our body.

Parasites live in every part of our body:
In the lungs, muscles, joints, liver, esophagus, blood, eyes, and also in the brain.

They enter the body through different routes. The most common parasitic infection is associated with the consumption of contaminated water and food. Parasites get into our homes through mosquito bites, and even through the air, where the dust is the transportation for the eggs of parasites.

Cat and dog fleas carry worms eggs. Animals, chewing them, swallow eggs and through its moist breath spew them at a distance of 5 meters.

Often infection occurs during swimming in freshwater.

More frequent are also infected infants in the womb.

Owsików eggs remain viable for 6 months and the underwear, bedding, hand puppets and enter the mouth of babes.

Eggs of roundworms get to us by a poorly cleaned strawberries, parsley, dill, apples, grapes, pears, plums, etc. kebabs and bacon home to 95% guarantee of trichinosis infection.Salted and dried fish and caviar are the cause of tapeworm infestation, which reaches a length of 14 meters and who can live in your bodies for 25 years.

Can be infected by dirty hands, and not just his own, but also vendors, cooks, waiters ...

Egg parasites travel to the money and the arms of public transport. High concentrations of parasites observed in such foods as bacon, smoked sausage, ham, sausages, pork in any form, beef, mutton and poultry. Also, eggs are often contaminated them.

Epidemiologists around the world trying to fight this threat. In the U.S., for example, for this purpose during the test in fact destroys the parasites in one carcase per thousand. This leads to a multi-million dollar losses, but it is necessary.

There is absolutely certain methods for the liquidation of contamination in meat and cooking simple treatment does not kill the parasite larvae. You are not able to provide a safe food cooking or frying meat. And so large numbers of larvae penetrate into your body. We can only rely on immunity.

As a result of harmful environmental conditions, use of chemical medicines, particularly antibiotics, fatigue, stress, improper diet, consumption of preservatives, followed by a decrease in human immunity.



Virtually all of the parasites like vitamins, micronutrients, particularly iron and hormones, protein-carbohydrate foods and sugar. They eat it all and secrete toxins, consuming red blood cells and weakening the immune system. And that's not all. Reaching a certain stage of development, simply block the immune system, thus impairing tissue transplantation.


Organs and systems can no longer function properly. Formed a closed circle of sickness.Parasites weaken the immune system, and this in turn leads to severe contagion, with the result that the parasites become active and begin to proliferate extensively. For example, a female may make a one-time fluke from 20 to 25 thousand eggs. A worm can grow to a length of 45 cm and made 245,000 eggs per day.

The longest you can catch a parasite eating fish. Adult fish tapeworm may grow to 15 m in length and make a time for up to 100,000 eggs. One tapeworm unarmed inpidual can make in a day to 4 million 900 thousand eggs. And during the year to 440 million. The worst part is that the parasites can live in you for years or even decades in no way giving of himself to know. The presence of these creatures in your body you feel only when there will be a lot longer.

Most parasites were determined by stool examination. Using this method, you can discover the presence of parasites only in the case, if the lab will notice the eggs under a microscope.But consider that if parasite eggs are not paid during the period when the survey was conducted, it will remain unnoticed. Even if the surrender is analyzed three times at different times, how many doctors advise, do not give it effect. The worms may go unnoticed. The effectiveness of such studies ranges from 12-20%.
A more accurate serologic method is determining the presence of antibodies against blood helmintom. Unfortunately, it works only in the late stage of infection and its efficacy is 55-60%.


Detectability of parasites by the inpidual studies

The efficiency of stool examination for parasites is only 12-20%
Serological method (only in the late stage of infection) 55-60%
Diagnostics using VOLLA 95%
Diagnostics using VEGATEST 95%


Derived from the latest method is to test the method Volla wegetatywno-resonance (VEGA-TEST), which you can learn the special training . It works on the principle of recording by means of special sensors, electromagnetic waves. Each parasite emits electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies that are detected by this diagnosis. This is the surest way out.

The course of disease may be infected with parasites doubt different - from the asymptomatic to the worst forms of fatal depending on the species of parasites, their quantity, host sensitivity to their metabolites and other factors. They induce a heart attacks, various legs of the disease - from the constant feeling of tiredness to a massive swellings. Helmintozy usually run a chronic illness.

Dr. Clark says, and many European scholars, precisely these circumstances lead to the widespread and incurable - according to the orthodox medicine -, ailments such as allergies, skin diseases, tumors, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, chronic infections wieloobjawowe, etc.

We draw your attention to the material recorded by an amateur camera. It is open-heart surgery in one of Russian clinics. Patient disturbed periodic pain in the heart, as well as swelling of the lower extremities, headache, shortness of breath. Ultrasound examination revealed a tumor developing heart. It was decided to have surgery.

As you can see the cause growths on the heart was a colony of tapeworms, whose view was not surprised doctors because such a phenomenon recently met quite often.

A similar problem leading Chinese doctors discovered the operation on the abdomen. It turned out that the patient's belly fat increases not only from the bladder of a huge colony of nematodes.

Here is one more frame. Here worms were placed in a painful imprint on the leg. Only surgical intervention helped the patient to stand on his feet.

Often tension on the outside of the skin, the larvae of parasites are assumed to be a simple rash. For example, subcutaneous Krasnociałek (Allothrombium argenteocinctum).
Now you will see a unique team, as the larva interrupts the skin layer to the time of the eggs under the skin to access the air.

Get rid of such problems can only by surgery.

Here is yet another case: In the U.S., he telephoned the patient to the hospital to the continuous uskarżający itching of the eye. He went to the mirror to get a grain of sand and very surprised when he discovered the nematode in the eye, which quietly slide around the eyeball.
The man was frightened, he called the hospital and, without waiting for the doctor immediately went there.
But when he rode, the worm had odpełznąć rounded to the brain. Previously, the patient occasionally felt pain in the head and not speaking to doctors, eliminating the pain with tablets, thinking of him a headache from fatigue, high blood pressure or weather changes.During the detailed study explained that his head and body is literally filled with the worms.The patient survived. With chemotherapy, after eight years of getting the disease.

Even a bad accident happened to David Kelly of San Francisco, who for many years professionally ridden a bike and toured practically all over the world. Everything was fine until one day did not wake up at night due to severe itching side, near the ribs.
After a short time itching stopped and fell asleep. The next night everything happened again - only with more intensity. Every night the skin swędziała harder and harder. Through the skin very red veins become visible. Since a few days he could not sleep doctor friend called to ask what it might be.

Doctor sleepy voice has held that it is certainly a symptom of allergy to a food product or ingredient of the fabric, which wears or where he sleeps. This may be a reaction to washing powder or any medication. Overall - it's an allergy.

Early in the morning the poor man had bought some medication and lying in bed trying to sleep. Allergic symptoms disappeared and he fell asleep. Soon, however, symptoms recurred and Dave underwent a medical examination.

Diagnosis was a disease - an inflammation of the skin. David truly accept all cure for dermatitis, when after the workout seemed to him that the red veins in the hands of the changed distribution. He could not believe it and to see whether this is the vein marker indicated. After several hours, what he saw shocked him wprawiło. Not one of the selected point on the body does not coincide with the location of these so-called lived.

It turned out that actually going to move. Rushed to the hospital and learned that under his skin moving nematodes. Immediately after completion of chemotherapy, strong leather, which had previously swędziała, was covered in blisters and open wounds. During the magnification of these areas of skin could be seen as worms left their host.

Now the man that talks about this with a smile, is happy that I was among the few who after several months of intensive treatment to get rid of the problem.



Given these facts one can state: In fact, people claim that they are healthy, not paying attention to the signs of the presence of parasites in their bodies.


According to the World Health Organization, various parasites in the past 10 years became infected over 4 and a half billion people. It is every third inhabitant of Europe. In the U.S., 85-95% of the population. In the early twenty-first century, scholars have found that up to 95% of people on Earth are infected with parasites. 99.9% of people who have pets, including rodents and birds, turns out to be carriers of parasites. Parasitic diseases are the cause of death of 14 million per year. This gives you 25% of the total number of death worldwide. Every fourth death.





Characteristic symptoms in women include:

- Inflammation of the ovaries
- Painful menstruation with heavy upławami
- A decrease of forces, disruption of menstrual cycle
- Cysts and kaszaki uterus, mastopathy
- Inflammation of the adrenal gland, bladder and kidneys.



Symptoms of parasite infection in men include:

- Inflammation of the prostate
- Impotence
- Prostatic hypertrophy
- Cysts
- Sand and stones in the kidneys and bladder.



Recently, scientists made the discovery that as a result of infection can be disturbed psyche in its third generation. A generation after the infected parents die 10-15 years earlier.



The general symptoms may include such factors as:

- Sensitive skin
- Increased number of freckles
- Various marks on the skin
- Headache
- Early appearance of facial wrinkles
- Cracks in the heels
- Rozwarstwiające and brittle nails
- Grinding of teeth at night
- Sleep disturbance
- Abnormalities of the immune system
- Frequent colds
- Asthma
- Constipation, loose stool
- Gas, bloating
- Joint and muscle pain
- Allergies
- Anemia, low hemoglobin
- Loss of appetite
- Constant fatigue and even nervousness


Summarize the existing arguments, we can say that the symptoms of parasites in our body overlap with symptoms of the most common ailments.
Therefore, people watching at home similar symptoms should be required to make periodic cleansing of the body with parasites.

You can fight the parasites using enemas. But we should not forget that this is a mechanical method, unnatural method of purifying the body, acting only on the set of the body, rather than the whole organism.

Also, treatment with medications does not produce 100% effect. Even if the removal of the parasites themselves, nobody will guarantee you that in the next few days will not receive further infection. Therefore, measures to prevent helmintozie and strengthening the immune system should take at least 4 times a year.
Be careful. They are close. They are within us.



Martin made the film translation Pracki

The text may be copied in its entirety and cited because we want to draw attention to the prevalence of infection with parasites. Please, however, has been added to compulsorily mention that the text comes from


We encourage you to speak to the forum.



? parasites inside of us - a documentary film

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