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Deworming of children - bathing in the oats, honey, wheat flour

I was with the sons of the Lord, who bathes in oats against parasites February 15, 2009. Be the first one went Slawek, some groaned, but sat politely in the bathtub. Parasites started to leave after the first massaged with honey and flour. At first it looked like an allergy to the entire back, there are of course right after pomasowaniu honey, then you could see black dots, and could feel the Szczecinek. Once you have shaved it came shaver, after picking it looked like a lock of hair cut 1.5 cm long, and yet it was the back of a small child, so rule out the possibility that they could be a hair. The color was light brown. Adam also was bathed, but very panikował, he would not even sit down and hold on tight, I could not depart from the bathtub. parasites emerged after the first massaging, there were a lot more than Simon, though more densely. They came out even with the edges of the ear. Anything new in the behavior had not noticed, only the sons were very tired, and Adam literally fell in the car.

We went to the Circus in Pcim, because it was close. Sons, however, few paid attention to the animals.Adam only to those larger, more interested in him any door, gate, keep them closed. Slavic and little is heard, whether he left on the bench, but even for us not to go, I looked at him out of hiding, he enjoyed a little walk and sat on the bench, he was not afraid, I had to go after him because he would not only called approaches.

At home, I decided to repeat the procedure sons. I had no oats, so cooked oatmeal and was cast from them the same water. Rubbed sons, Simon came in a little on my neck, it was generally low, but rather some leftovers or juveniles. At Christopher Robin was more, he needed a longer treatment, moreover, the house sat in the bath and the pupa was zanużona in oats. After all, the children looked back. Slawek had visible veins under the skin of the neck, and redness of the skin. Adam was allergic though, the red dots in the places where they came out great, which is on the back exactly at the shoulders. If it were there would be allergic to the whole back, rather than the shoulders.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

with the Lord, who bathes in oats were children February 15, 2009.

Since then, he bathes the children. How do I do this? Well, I cook for a few minutes oat straw in the pot, I tried to bathe the children in the oatmeal, but the parasites did not go. Straw Drain well and the same broth poured into the bathtub, pouring hot water and soot, his son, the water is only a cover bottom. Rinse water back and massaged them vigorously. Then he dips his hand in the honey (preferably true) and flour (flour Important! without fail) and lubricates the back, even massaged them for a while. Massage with honey and flour back just at the height of the ribs, you can also smear the auricle (outer petals) and sideburns. After a while, you can see emerging are allergic, then you can see black dots on them, and flexible filamentous something clearly feel them under your fingers.

The best treatment is to brew the brew of oat and pea, you can also buy herbal blends in the shops, though I never met such, of course you can do the same blend of treatments, you can use the example of such a provision:

Herbal mixture for surgery

thyme herb 50g

calamus rhizome 50g,

Oman root 50g,

25g mint leaves,

25g walnut leaf,

herb wormwood 20g,

tysiącznika herb or 20g yellow gentian,

Bóbrka leaf 20g,

camomile 20g,

20g cumin fruit.

All together pour hot water and brew for an hour.

What are the parasites come out in the treatments?

This is probably włosogłówka (Trichocephalus trichiurus) - nematode occurring in the world. source

treatments are safe, are not borne by the liver as chemical drugs. treatment can be done at home, it is not difficult. parasites in children go out very quickly, although sometimes you have to rub your back for more. In my sons were different, once there were more, sometimes less, sometimes as it seems to bathe them regularly is less and less. In adults, surgery may fail because of the thick skin, but if anyone has the patience, you should just take longer to bathe, even for an hour, then there is greater chance for success.

Monday, 13 October 2010

Today, children bathed in oats.

To my surprise, did not show up, or a parasite, it was not even juveniles. treatments have not done since two months, I thought that there will be quite a lot. I did not use even a razor, because there was nothing to shave back was gładziutkie both in Slavic 'and Adam.

I wonder if the children no longer have this species of the parasite, because conditions have changed in their bodies against the parasite, or whether the species is replaced by another.

I hope that their intestines have been even partially cured and this is the reason for the absence of parasites in the skin.

Deworming of children - bathing in the oats, honey, wheat flour

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