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About migraine According to optimal medical

migraine headacheCurrently, migraine disorders meets more frequently than before World War II, which is linked to improving the material situation of developed societies. Years ago I was a migraine affects people from the upper classes, and does not touch the poor, whose diet was much worse. Today, the availability of food products is widespread, and their choice depends on the tastes of the consumer, the environmental limits of the disease had become blurred.

Inpiduals maturing on migraine is usually a woman eating a lot of protein with relatively low values (eg fish, chicken) and significant amounts of carbohydrates.
The diet of patients it is considered too little and animal fats.
In migraine, there is a considerable advantage at the parasympathetic system within the intracranial structures.
This causes excessive expansion of large vessels inside the skull, which oppress the meninges, causing the occurrence of pain and symptoms of increased intracranial pressure.
Diagnosis of migraine is based mainly on an interview with the patient, because all diagnostic tests usually do not show any abnormalities. Patients usually give headaches radiating to the eyeball accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.
Often there is known. heralding the aura symptoms and the correlation of attacks by weather changes. In some people, relief can cause drinking coffee. The severity of symptoms is variable ranging from minor pain and ending up with heavy attack, impossible to resist, where it becomes necessary to intravenous steroid analgesics.
Doctors optimally in the diagnosis must take into account other causes of headache pain, especially anxiety, which is a disease with a predominance of sympathetic nervous system within the central nervous system.
Fairly big problem diagnostic and therapeutic at the same time creates the presence of these two units.
The same optimal nutrition after a few weeks can result in complete regression of migraine attacks, but it happens that they accompany patients even months.

In such situations it becomes necessary to use selective currents S, after having in-depth case study, which gives results in just a few treatments.
Confusion with migraine pain neurotic and the use of bad currents cause an immediate worsening of the patient's condition and need to change treatments.
The occurrence of both diseases simultaneously requires selective currents in the treatment of high-skill, and sometimes it is better to postpone treatment until the resignation of one of the diseases.
Patient treated at the same time currents of migraine and S PS neurosis during treatment should be constantly under professional supervision and report any unusual symptoms.
Despite the problems sometimes arise, it should be noted that, in most cases treatment is quick and efficient.
The need for repeat treatments in this disease occurs very rarely.

Lek. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
Optimal medical consultant.

About migraine According to optimal medical

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