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ABOUT PSORIASIS. According to optimal doctor.

Despite carrying out numerous research and write a huge amount of scientific cause of psoriasis remains unknown.
In science textbooks, it has been reported with tissue antigens have been found responsible for the initiation of autoimmunity, but did not affect the outcome of this disease.
Until recently, the dominant thesis about the genetic basis of disease, and appealed for her family frequent occurrence and that it is not encountered it in some societies such as the World War II and after the psoriasis was a disease unknown in Japan and the Eskimos did not get sick (the yellow race)However, studies conducted among Japanese Americans showed a similar incidence to the white population.
This resulted in that some respondents began traced back to environmental causes, but it was not accepted in scientific circles, and now the prevailing view about genetic basis of disease.
The essence of psoriasis is a benign proliferation (multiplication) of epidermal cells and accelerate their maturation from 28 to 4 days.
In addition, there is an increase of capillary permeability and excessive flaking.
Symptoms are usually confined to the skin and rare forms of severe, however, follicular lesions causing disfigurement and much worse mood.
To this day, one of the best known methods of treatment is called.Heliotherapy already used by Hippocrates, or simply sunbathing.
By rumieniotwórcze UV radiation reaches the enlargement of small blood vessels of the skin and improve its nutrition. Improving the supply of a substance necessary for the functioning of the skin results in reversion of change.
Optimal nutrition is the best way to ensure supply to all tissues, and thus also the skin.
People starting a diet fairly quickly observe regression of psoriatic lesions on the skin and a bit slower potential changes in the joint.
If children are retreating psoriatic eruptions practically from day to day and there is no need for any additional treatments.
Therapeutic difficulties for optimal nutrition can make jedynienieliczne cases, but this only applies to adults with advanced skin changes on the whole, where the disease takes many years.
We are dealing with high activity against immune system cells in the epidermis.
In such situations, optimal nutrition may not produce the expected rapid recovery and the disappearance of the disease have to wait longer.
In psoriasis, it is very important respect the exact proportions BTW, since excess protein intake usually brings a relapse after initial withdrawal.
Sufferers should also be noted that the daily supply of high-value foods such as collagen in the skin of pig, of course, balancing the protein contained in them.
Psoriasis occurring in the least perfused areas (elbows, knees, scalp), a slower response rate and good results here for current use of selective PS.
After some time, ZO almost always get positive results in a reversal of the disease.
Among patients recorded even a case of psoriasis of the head ceased after 7 days of treatment, but obviously this is not the rule and the course can be varied.

Lek. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
Optimal medical consultant
ABOUT PSORIASIS. According to optimal doctor.

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