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Methods of treatment of impotence

Article prof. dr hab. MD Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz

Since the early 80s made a breakthrough in the treatment of impotence.

Until the 80s believed that 70-80% of cases of psychogenic impotence has a background, and 20-30% organic background. Thanks to the expansion of diagnostic tests for a full profile of hormone levels, Dopplersonografię, kawernosografię and diagnostic injections in the corpus cavernosum penis (initially with papaverine, and later with the prostaglandins) found that nearly 60-70% of cases of impotence is organic substrate. In men, at a later age, this percentage is even higher.

In brief, impotence can be divided into:

  • psychogenic impotence

Is found more often in younger men. This is due to anxiety, task orientation, sexual inhibition, situational tension, uncertainty itself as a partner, fear of ridicule;

  • Impotence against the background of a hormonal

Contrary to what many men think is not very widespread. Constitutes 5-10% of cases of impotence. Most numerous at the age of andropause, in a variety of hormonal disorders;

  • neurogenic impotence

Its most common cause is trauma and diseases of the spine, where the center of an erection. Also, many neurological disorders leads to impotence, such as multiple sclerosis, neuropathy;

  • Impotence against the circulatory

He is currently the most recognized and covers almost half the cases of impotence. This is due to cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack, after strokes, against the background of atherosclerosis, vascular defects, high blood pressure;

  • Impotence mixed

It's about 1 / 3 of cases of impotence. It meets in various combinations of these causes of impotence, and the best example of this is certain chronic diseases. For example, in the course of diabetes cause impotence can be caused by hormonal disorders, vascular lesions, neuropathy. The reason may be the disease, and medications taken on it. Conducive to the emergence of impotence drugs such as antihypertensive or psychotropic drugs.


In the treatment of impotence is therefore very important to identify its causes. In most cases, exactly the medical history from the patient. In some cases it may be necessary diagnostic tests, such as laboratory (blood sugar, cholesterol, testosterone, prolactin), ultrasound prostate Dopplersonografia, injection of the corpus cavernosum member of prostaglandins. Exceptionally, it is necessary kawernosografia.

The diagnostic process, however, there is a problem. Many men, for various reasons, not telling the truth. Therefore, a valuable diagnostic method is an interview with the patient's partner. Women have more common sense approach to these issues. Sometimes, unfortunately, often, that men are hiding a visit from a partner or do not want to come with her to a specialist.

After determining the causes of impotence can start treatment, the goal is not only the elimination of impotence, but also its causes.

Psychogenic impotence in the methods of training with the participation of partners, hypnosis, psychotherapy, individual and partner, in the case of phobias - desensyblizację (desensitization in imagination.) Individual psychotherapy is recommended in cases where the cause of impotence are the inhibitions and sexual trauma, negative influences of family environment, neurosis, and content - the dysfunctional relationships in the compound. Training methods are very popular and widely used since the early 70s and usually include 5-7 weeks of treatment. The impotence of hormonal background is used hormonal medications (such as testosterone deficiency in the hormone) and prolactin-lowering drugs (in hyperprolactinemia).

The neurogenic impotence use various methods, such as vacuum pumps, electrotherapy, stimulating the nervous system drugs, massage.

In the cardiovascular system of impotence against the most frequently recommended in the corpus cavernosum injection member, mainly prostaglandins, but not only. In Poland, was registered Caverject - after learning the patient by the doctor himself does injection, which is not difficult. After injection, it is possible to rectal intercourse. This method is ad hoc, but also therapeutic. When the circulation is improved, reducing the dose gradually.

However, many men are afraid of all injections, and only in such a place! This type of method has already applied at several thousand (!!!) patients. After overcoming initial resistance and fears, patients are finding it.

The latest method of treatment for impotence is Viagra. Is a medicine in tablet form, so very convenient. In addition, it is characterized by high efficiency.

Viagra is used also in psychogenic impotence. After a series of failures in attempting sexual intercourse, the suffering of being unable to penetrate the vagina, to break the deadlock by using the drug is significant. The mere fact of success, which has become a normal rectal intercourse, the man inspires, improves self-esteem and gives confidence in the realization of the role of partner. You can say without exaggeration that the method of injection and the corpus cavernosum Viagra is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of impotence. Men are starting to believe in yourself, the chances of a cure, experience of successful sexual intercourse, get rid of the complexes.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of these treatments. It is estimated that Viagra is effective in 75-80% of cases of impotence. High efficiency are also injected in the corpus cavernosum of the member. You could say that for the vast majority of patients impotence problem is solved.

There are also other treatments for impotence, such as vascular operations member, a member of implanting prostheses. They also allow sexual intercourse. Operating methods and prostheses used in specific cases. Broadly describe the treatment of impotence in the book Fri "Treatment of sexual disorders," published in 1997

Coming soon ...
The success of Viagra (including economic) contributed to the search for more effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. At international conferences seksuologicznych future medicines are encrypted under the names of workstations. The action of some drugs is similar to Viagra, which is local - lead to the erection by activating the circulatory system in the member. Effects of other drugs is to stimulate the metabolism of neurotransmitters in the brain associated with control centers of sexual function. There have been new drugs taken orally - Apomofrina, Uprime.

Note, however, that the new drug registration procedure, including Poland, is associated with testing, clinical trials, and all require time. It can be assumed that in the coming years, the Polish patients will have access to new resources. I would advise not to bring them by friends from abroad, until they are checked with us, because the Polish registration procedure is known for its high standards and care, which is important for the good of the patient.

The end of masculinity?
Suffer from impotence at the 10th man in old age, prevalence of the disorder increases. Men, unable to hide impotence, treat it as an "end of masculinity" and often fall into depression, give up sexual activity, have a sense of lesser value, fear of ridicule or rejection by a partner. New methods of treatment of impotence not only enable a normal sex life, but affect self-esteem, relationships, mental health.

Methods of treatment of impotence