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We encourage you to watch a short reportage about impotence. At the film is the original description of the video from youtube.

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Impotence, according to the definition, it is a sexual dysfunction that occurs in males, reflected in a lack of erection or ejaculation, despite the excitement and rewarding foreplay. It should realize the fact that it is far more complex problem than most realize, the borderline of medicine and psychology.

Impotence is a problem with the border, because the causes can be divided into two groups: the background of an organic (physical - reported more often in older people), and a psychogenic background, which is prevalent in young men. In connection with the possible etiology of this heterogeneous disorder sex, you should not start treatment until you identify the causative factor.

In the case of an organic background to determine the cause and if possible to remove it (eg, poorly controlled hypertension, medications), and in other cases in the absence of contraindications used symptomatic treatment, such as sildenafil.

However, if intelligence indicates psychogenic background, it does not have an obvious physical cause, use of an expert - a psychologist. Psychogenic background is also a large collection of different factors.

More on this topic, and psychogenic causes of the criteria for selecting appropriate treatment, our expert tells Stolorz MA Paul, a psychologist.


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