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About Gout According to optimal medical


bottom-urinaryThe current definition of gout is actually determined the concentration of uric acid, rather than its symptoms.
The case is extremely simple: the level of 6.4 mg/100 ml above the mean disease. It is stated that the incidence of attacks increases with the level of uric acid, and this depends on age, gender and diet (Internal Medicine - Harold PZWL 2001).
Uric acid in the body comes from two sources: synthesis and commutation of purines from the outside.
With age, increased prevalence of decay processes (catabolic) processes of the building (anabolic) and a portion of purines in nucleic acids is a substrate for the production of uric acid, which could explain the increase of the disease.
Also managed to establish a number of enzymes responsible for metabolism of purines, and their lack of (genetically determined) may lead to increased production of uric acid.
Most disease is associated not with the overproduction of uric acid, but impaired excretion (99%), so drugs that inhibit its synthesis does not produce a great effect.
Despite the long-term pharmacotherapy lesions in patients progressing steadily, but only their pace may be slower.
The symptoms of gout have been known for a long time and call it a "disease of the prince." At the onset of gout is usually the male representatives of a noble aristocracy of mature age.
Peasants do not get sick, poor or middle class.
Until the nineteenth century it was the elites and the disease was associated with the consumption of large quantities of low value products which contain a protein with relatively low physical activity. With the increasing availability of protein (the animal) in the twentieth century, gout disease became commonplace.
Currently, in developed countries occurs in all social strata. It is difficult to find data on the disease in poor communities, because they probably did not occur.
The question should be the relationship of gout to the level of uric acid, because even in those that reduce it steadily drugs, the changes are progressing.
Meet the people (especially among the optimal), which exceeds normal in healthy people, and do not raise any complaints.
People with optimal nutrition starting typically report rapid resolution of symptoms, although not always associated it with the improvement of laboratory results.
Optimal nutrition provides the necessary amount of protein products of the highest biological value.
Such a protein should be eaten from 1930 to 1960 g / day.
In the case of using optimal nutrition is sometimes encountered in excess of this amount. Usually a slight excess does not cause major problems, however, in previous history of gout, may suffer a recurrence.
You'll need to reduce the amount of protein and 30 g / day (no less!).
Indicated at the bottom of the urethra is the use of selective PS currents that quickly eliminate the pain.
Typically, all symptoms and complications of gout can be cured quickly.
In very advanced cases, however, may lead to irreversible changes in the joints or kidneys.
It is also important to frequently occurring in the bottom of kidney stones, which may remain unrecognized.After 1-3 months of optimal nutrition comes to dissolve stones and those passing through the ureter - sometimes produce pain symptoms.
In such circumstances, there is a need to help the urologist.
As a rule ends with a single injection of acting analgesic and

Lek. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
medical consultant and tutor.

About Gout According to optimal medical

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