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Fungi are not DISEASES


According to current medical classification of fungal diseases are, therefore, been placed in this section, to be able to easily find material on them, because 100% of the population diagnosed as a fungal disease.

In our world, biologists distinguish the two antagonistic, still struggling, the worlds. On the one hand the world of fungi, bacteria and on the other world. Where better to zadamawiają bacteria is becoming less of fungi, and vice versa - a place inhabited by fungi are deprived of their bacteria.

Our health depends on maintaining a balance between both worlds. Because we are inside, and bacteria and fungi.

Long ago, Louis Pasteur won with his idea that human health is going bad by the bacterium, hence we started pasteurize their diet to get rid of zwłowrogich bacteria. And what about mushrooms? - Yet they do not get rid of, or even inversely - we use no antibiotics produced by bacteria to kill - in this way is upset the natural balance of human organisms, which live together bacteria and fungi.

Is overgrowth of bacteria is a disease? - Obviously too large number of bacteria in one place is not good for the body and can cause inflammation, but these states do not formally be called a disease.

On the other hand we have the overgrowth of fungi, which, as we treat fungal infections and diseases are called - are you sure we should do so?

Any excess of bacteria in inflammatory titanium postacis fighting against antibiotics, which increase the advantage in the body of fungi, as well as milk pasteurise increaseth chances of mushrooms, cabbage kisimy vinegar without the multiplication of antagonistic bacteria, which in turn increases the advantage of mushrooms - and nei time to end it all and to support bacteria so that equilibrium prevailed?

Is not it time to go back to unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized beer, homemade sauerkraut, or have no time to reject the artificial antibiotics, since it is so widely they stuffed all the food we offered? Does anyone still remember our wise grandmothers, who in inflammatory give out balls of bread and pajeńczyn, which is a fungus with antibiotics?

Fungi are not DISEASES

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