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Deadly deception on diabetes



If someone is American and is suffering from diabetes, his doctor will never tell him that his disease is completely curable. If even this one weighed in his presence, to use the word "cure" will put him in anxiety and irritability, for his medical training allows him only the use of the word "therapy". The word "recovery" does not exist for him.

Diabetes in its current form of the Newcastle disease is a curable disease and that at least forty years. In 2001, the last period for which official data exist, because the symptoms are not controlled the disease died Amerykanów.1 934550

His doctor did not tell him also that once the symptoms of diabetes often thought strokes, caused by both ischemia and hemorrhage, heart failure caused by neuropathy and impairment of a coronary ischemia and congestion, obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased number of triglycerides, impotence, retinopathy, kidney failure, liver failure, ovarian syndrome wielotor-bielkowych, raised blood sugar levels, the presence of yeast in the blood, defective carbohydrate metabolism, poor wound healing, weakness of fat metabolism, peripheral neuropathy, and many other epidemic diseases .

If someone gets sick with diabetes, and will rely on orthodox methods of treatment, you will experience one or more of its symptoms in such a way as if they were separate, independent disorders requiring independent, separate treatment of applied by competing specialists.

Many of these symptoms sometimes result from other causes and this fact is used to disguise the causative role of diabetes and to justify expensive, ineffective therapies against these symptoms.

Epidemic of type II diabetes is curable. When you misread, the reader, by the end of this article, you will understand. You will also know why it is not routinely curable, and how to treat it. You'll also probably angry because of what a handful of greedy people did with the whole community, orthodox medicine and believers in her patients.

INDUSTRY diabetic

Today's industry is a huge diabetic community that grew up step by step from the beginning of the twentieth century. Over the past eighty years has been highly successful, effectively closing the mouth of its competitors, who tried to expose the hidden deception in modern diabetic therapy, which became a kind of religion and how all religions depends largely on the faith of its followers. Enjoyed such success that now is almost blasphemy to suggest that in most cases benign priest with a stethoscope hung around his neck is a charlatan or a swindler, who never in their entire medical career, is not cured a single case of diabetes.
Financial and political influence of the medical community almost led to the failure of the regulatory agencies carry out their tasks. What's more, these agencies approve deadly insufficiently tested drugs ineffective. Testifying before the U.S. Senate, former FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley, commented: "People think that the FDA protects their interests. It is not. That's what the FDA actually does, and what the public thinks about this, it Two different things that are different as night and day ".2
Financial and political influence of the medical community also dominated our whole insurance sector. Although it started with a little change, it is still very difficult to find in America, a group medical insurance, which covers the cost effective, alternative treatment. The orthodox way of proceeding is the standard in all states, whereas alternative therapies are not. For example, only 1,400 licensed naturoterapeu-ing in 11 states account for 3.4 million orthodox physicians licensed in 50 stanach.3 insurance generally pays only approved treatments performed by licensed physicians, which in effect creates a special kind of money, which may be granted only under imposed by the orthodox medical and pharmaceutical industries. No other industry in the world have failed to push through policies to persuade people to have declared a significant proportion of their income in a form that often does not allow them to spend them as they wished.
Financial and political influence of the medical community will allow it to control virtually every publication on diabetes showing up in this country. Many publications dealing with diabetes is subsidized by advertising suppliers preparations against diabetes. No publisher dealing with diabetes do not dare to in his letter was published the truth about this disease. For this reason, diabetic patients pay only a quarter or one-third the cost of print magazines, which provide them with timely information, the remainder of the cost covered by producers who are interested in the prevention of the fact that diabetes could be cured from it. If anyone is looking for the letter, which would draw accurate information about diabetes, you should first of all check if it is not full of ads advertising measures against it.
There are also various companies that solicit annual donations to the search for cure for the disease, which they deal. Every year they promise that the drug is right there, just give some more money! Some of these companies are involved in providing advice that promotes the development of diabetes among the believers than their followers. For example, for many years, strongly promoted are interchangeable diet, 4 which are in fact scientifically worthless, which quickly discovered, those who tried to apply them. At the same time laughed at the use of sugar arrays, which are actually very useful for diabetics. Margarine is also recommended as a very healthy heart and it's still a long time after I found that it causes diabetes and leads to failure serca.5
If people ever waking up and realize there is a cure for diabetes, which is suppressed for forty years, the association will very quickly fall out of the game, because their existence depends on support from our side.
Conducted for forty years medical research more distinctly show that diabetes is a degenerative disease whose cause is industrially processed food, which is focused on profits rather than on the health of consumers. Although any inquisitive person can easily obtain this information rich reviewing medical literature, it is not publicly available. This information certainly was, and is generally available in schools educate doctors.
Among the causative factors of contemporary epidemic leaders are sold in supermarkets, processed fats and oils.
The first step you must do if we want to cure your diabetes, you stop believing in a lie claiming that it is an incurable disease.


In 1922, three Canadian Nobel Prize winners, Bantingowi, Bestowi and Macleodowi, succeeded in Toronckim General Hospital save the life of fourteen year old girl with diabetes using injections insuliny.6
License for the production of a new miracle drug company Eli Lilly has acquired, and the medical community swam in the glory of the job well done.
Only in 1933, rumors began to occur when a new, insidious form of diabetes. The first report by Joslyn, Dublin and Marx published in the journal American Journal ofMedical Sciences. Was made on this, entitled "Studies on Diabetes Mellitus" (Diabetes Research) 7, the authors discuss the emergence of the diabetes epidemic with a huge range that is similar to diabetes in the twenties of the twentieth century, so that is not subjected to treatment with insulin. What's worse, the administration of insulin in her sometimes even killing the patient.
The new type of diabetes was given the name "al-sulinoopornej diabetes" because it was characterized by elevated blood sugar levels and very poor response to treatment with insulin. Many doctors managed to get considerable success in the treatment of this variety of diabetes with diet. In the thirties and forties, we learned a lot about the relationship between diabetes and diet.
At the turn of the century in the United States in diabetic patients was 28 persons per 10 000 By the year 1933 their number increased by 1,000 percent, making it a disease that had contact with more and more lekarzy.8 Speaking under different names, the disease has steadily spread, eventually destroying the health of more than half of Americans and making it in the nineties of the twentieth century almost 20 percent of the population unable to pracy.9
In 1950, the medical community failed to carry out tests of insulin in serum. These revealed quickly that this new disease is not classic diabetes, for sufficiently characterized, and often excessive, blood insulin levels.
The problem is that insulin does not work - not lowered blood sugar levels. However, since this disease for almost twenty years was known as diabetes, it is called diabetes mellitus type II, to distinguish it from the earlier Type I, whose cause is insufficient production of insulin in the pancreas.
If the dietary findings of previous twenty years at the time dominated the medical scene, diabetes would be widely regarded as curable, and not reasonably possible to cure. As a result, in 1950 began to look for the next miracle drug, this time for type II diabetes.


This new ideal wonder drug was to be effective, like insulin, in removing the harmful effects of the disease, but not in getting rid of the disease which they cause. So, would serve only to maintain the patient alive. He was to be opatentowywalny, which could not be a natural medicine, as such can not be patented. Just as insulin was to be highly profitable in the production and distribution. In addition, he had a mandatory subject to the approval of the Government to encourage doctors to prescribe medicines. Testing necessary to obtain it would be very costly to prevent competition from other drugs is not acceptable.
These are the tenets of the original medical protocol "for dealing with symptoms." Acting in accordance with, a pharmaceutical company and doctors are successful in business, and maintained in an illness, the patient feels temporary relief in the form of alleviating symptoms.
Then had to stifle a natural medications that actually curing the disease, and their supporters powsadzać to prison as quacks. The existence of cheap, effective, natural medicine, leading to a real cure for the disease only psułoby this great booming business.
Natural substances are often actually cure the disease. That's why we used the right to remove natural and often better medicines from the market to wipe out the medical dictionary, the word "cure" and limit the free market in medicine.
Now I know why the word "cure" is so fierce controlled by law. FDA uses broad Orwellian rules that forbid the use of the word "cure" when describing any competing medicine or natural substance. This is because many natural substances have dual properties: cure and prevent disease. And why is the word that scares pharmacists and doctors.


The regulating pharmaceutical industry policy on eliminating the symptoms rather than curing disease, there was a change in the advertising of medicines. This was done in 1949 in the middle of a huge epidemic of diabetes insulinoopornej.
In 1949, the medical community reclassifies cukrzycy10 symptoms, including symptoms of many other diseases, into separate entities. After such a reclassification forms a basis for diagnosis competing groups of medical specialists quickly seized related sets of symptoms as their own set of symptoms.
And that heart disease specialists, endocrinologists, allergists, urologists, and many others began to treat the symptoms of which were subject to their spec j. tion. Because the cause of these symptoms was generally ignored, the goal of cure of the disease has been completely lost.
For example, heart failure, which was previously often considered a symptom of diabetes, now has become a disease does not connected with it. Became fashionable and treatment of diabetes as a factor "which increases the risk of heart disease." Causal role of the control system is malfunctioning blood sugar levels in cases of heart failure has become a little-known.
Under the new paradigm is no treatment from a specialist in heart disease is not a cure nor is it applied with the intent to cure the disease that is the subject of his specialization. For example, a three-year survival rates for use of bypass (bypass flow) is almost the same as in the case of non-compliance of any zabiegu.11
Currently, more than half the citizens of the United States suffer from one or more symptoms of the disease. At the beginning it was known to doctors as type II diabetes insulinoopornej to which adults are suffering and who is rarely called hiperinsulinoaemią.
According to the American Heart Association (American Heart Association), nearly 50 percent of Americans suffer from one or more symptoms of the disease. One third of Americans are morbidly obese and half are overweight. Type II diabetes, also known as maturity onset diabetes, usually begins in children under the age of six.
The causes of many degenerative diseases of the nature can be traced back to sources in the form of a general collapse of the endocrine system. In the thirties of the twentieth century, doctors knew that as insulinooporną diabetes. This basic condition is known as the deregulation of controlling blood sugar levels caused by ill-prepared fats and oils. The whole is deteriorating, and compounded by lack of other key nutrients that are needed by the body to combat the consequences of metabolic transformation of these poisons.
Not all fats and oils are the same. Some are healthy and beneficial, while others, especially widely available in supermarkets, poisonous. Healthiness is not about whether they are saturated or unsaturated, as it tries to convince us fat industry. A lot of saturated fat is very healthy, and unsaturated highly poisonous. An important factor differentiating them is their origins - whether they are natural or processed.
In the advertising industry, promoted by a number of fatty dishonesty, which aims to create the largest market for cheap, shoddy oils such as soybean oil, cotton seed or canola.
When properly informed and aware of these oils wypadłyby society from the market altogether and in the U.S., and indeed worldwide, we are dealing with a much smaller number of cases of diabetes.

Epidemiological LIFESTYLE

Already in 1901, was done to work towards producing and selling food products factory, using machines, because it gave huge profits. Most of the early attempts failed because people were inherently suspicious of anything that was not fresh and did not come straight from the farm, and because industrial technology was very poor. As long as people could afford it, the suspect food is not gained great popularity. Crisco12, artificial fat for frying, packaged in cans of 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg), was once distributed for free under a failed action to influence American housewives to buying it instead of lard.
The margarine met with reluctant acceptance in the dairy states. It was not until the crisis of the thirties of the twentieth century meant that margarine, Crisco and a host of other refined products and hydrogenizowanych began to gain acceptance in the American food market. Support for dairy farmers opposition to margarine faded during World War II, when there were not enough butter, both for the civilian population and wojska.13 Having lost at this point, the majority of support, the dairy industry agreed to reduce its market share and concentrated on supplying troops. Linseed oil and fish oils, which were common in shops and entities considered to be dietary, before the American public has not been poisoned, over time the shelves are gone. The last supplier of flax oil to the main distribution points was Archer Daniels Midland, which ceased production and delivery of this product in 1950.
In turn, more recently the victim of false campaign fell from the media portrayed as causing heart failure, one of the most important of the other, truly beneficial fats. As a consequence of this witch-hunt completely disappeared from the shelves. It was a coconut, which has been completely removed from the food chain and replaced by soybean oil, cotton and rzepakowym.14 Our parents and grandparents never would have abandoned good, healthy oils such as coconut oil, for those cheap and tacky oils. Shortly after the successful attack of the media society of the United States lost its war for oil. Coconut oil has been for many years, our most effective dietary factor in weight control.
The history of deterioration of our once clean food coincides with the epidemic of diabetes and hiperinsulinoaemii escalation, which have mastered now the United States and the rest of the world.
The next step to get rid of this disease Newcastle disease is the rejection of lies proclaiming that sold us the food is healthy and safe.


Diabetes was defined as the loss of the standard body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates correct. The main symptom is high blood glucose levels. Type I diabetes is the result of insufficient production of insulin in the pancreas. Type II diabetes is the result of ineffective insulin. In both types of blood glucose level is significantly elevated. Neither insufficient insulin nor ineffective insulin can not reduce blood sugar levels to normal after eating. In stable cases, type II diabetes is elevated blood sugar levels often occurs first, then accompanied by chronically elevated insulin levels and other indicators of severe disruption of endocrine hormones.
Ineffective insulin is no different from effective. Its ineffectiveness results from the inability of cells to respond to it. This is not the result of any biochemical defect in the insulin. It should be stressed that the disease affects nearly 70 trillion cells. They all depend on the food we eat, and which is an essential raw material for their self-repair and maintenance.
Classification of diabetes as the collapse of the metabolism of carbohydrates is a traditional classification, which dates back to the source of the nineteenth century, when little was known yet about diseases and processes metabolicznych.15 currently facing a much greater knowledge of these processes, it seems that would be more appropriate to define Type II diabetes as the body's inability to proper metabolization of fats and oils. The result of this inability is the loss of efficiency and, consequently, the inability of insulin to metabolize carbohydrates. Unfortunately, much of the medical community, with the exception of scholars, is still under the influence of nineteenth-century legacy.
Thus, type II diabetes and its early hyperinsulinemic symptoms are symptoms of a systemic collapse of the proper metabolism of glucose. None of the cell body, for reasons that are becoming clearer, is not capable of transporting glucose from the bloodstream to its interior, and therefore it is in the bloodstream, or is stored in fatty tissues, or as glycogen, or is excreted in the urine.
It appears that when insulin binds to the receptor cell membrane, initiates a complex biochemical reaction stream inside the cell, causing the glucose transporters known as GLUT4 molecules leave their parking spaces inside the cell and move to the inner surface of the plasma cell membrane.
Once you are in the membrane, migrate to their specific areas called cavernosa "', and by another series of biochemical reactions identify and bind to sugar molecules, which transport into the cell in a process called endocytosis. Being inside the cell, glucose is treated by mitochondria as fuel in the combustion process is necessary for energy maintenance activity of the cell. In this way, GLUT4 transporters reduce the level of glucose in the bloodstream, trapping it and moving it to all body cells.
Many molecules involved in the glucose-insulin pathways are lipids, or fatty acids. A healthy plasma cell membrane of which is now known that there is an active actor in the scenario, dextrose, contains a complement of cis-type w = 3 unsaturated fatty tłuszczowych.17 result is that the membrane is relatively fluid and slippery. When as a result of our diet is a chronic shortage of cis fatty acids, in place of the membrane are introduced trans fatty acids and short-and Medium-saturated fatty acids. It stiffens the substitution of the cell membrane and makes it more viscous, leading to a slowdown in the transport process glukozy.18 Thus, in the absence of sufficient quantities of cis fatty acids omega 3 in our diet is the substitution, the mobility of GLUT4 transporters decreases, the internal biochemizm cell is changed and remained elevated circulating glucose levels.
Elsewhere, the body's pancreas secretes excess insulin, the liver produces too much sugar, excess fat, which store fat cells, the organism switches to Mode wysokomoczowy give an insufficient amount of energy to ensure its cellular activity and the entire endocrine system is unbalanced.
The final result is a collapse of the pancreas, body weight is increasing and is approaching crisis of diabetic.
To fully experience all stages of this process, we still have a lot of work. All of this is the beginning of a biochemical explanation known epidemiological relationship between cheap, processed fats and oils used in our diet and the team in the form of type II diabetes.

Orthodox THERAPY

After diagnosing diabetes modern orthodox medicine prescribes oral administration of hypoglycemia or insulin-chemical.
• Oral hypoglycemic agents
Oral hypoglycemic medications were introduced in 1955. Currently available measures of this type are divided into five classes according to their biophysical process działania.19 These classes are biguanides, glucosidase inhibitors, meglitinidy; sulfo-nylomoczniki and tiazolidinedionidy.
• biguanides lower blood sugar in three ways. Inhibit the normal release by the liver in its inventory of glucose in the mesenteric interfere with the absorption of glucose intake of carbohydrates and increase peripheral glucose uptake.
• glucosidase inhibitors are designed to inhibit the amylase enzymes produced by the pancreas, which are essential in the digestion of carbohydrates. The theory is that if the digestion of carbohydrates is inhibited, the level of blood sugar can not get up.
• Meglitinidy are designed to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin in a patient who already has elevated levels of this hormone in the blood. Your doctor will very rarely be measured to this level. These drugs are often prescribed without any knowledge of the previous level of insulin. The fact that elevated insulin levels is as devastating as the high sugar level, is widely ignored.
• sulfonylureas are another class of agents that stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. Determination of insulin levels in serum is rarely performed by a physician prior to prescribing these measures. They are often prescribed for type II diabetes, when insulin levels are already significantly elevated. These drugs are often the cause of the fallout in the form of hypoglycemia.
• Tiazolidinedionidy are known that cause liver cancer. One of them, Rezulin, was approved in the U.S. as a result of twisting of a political tug, but failed to introduce it in Britain because of its carcinogenic properties. Responsible for its approval with the FDA hired a doctor refused permission to do so and only when it is replaced by another, more docile doctor, Rezulin has been approved by this office. This measure had killed about 100 diabetics and injuring several others before the fight for his removal was finally won. Rezulin was developed as a means of stimulating the glucose uptake from the bloodstream by the peripheral cells and inhibiting normal secretion of glucose by the liver. Reasons for admission of the drug on the market, then keep it on him with the approval of the supervisory agency for such an unacceptably long time, they are not jasne.20 In April 2000, still ongoing litigation, which sought to clarify this sprawy.21
• Insulin
Currently, insulin is prescribed for both types of diabetes.
As for substitutes injected insulin, the body no longer produces. Of course, this needed to maintain the life of diabetics with type I diabetes therapy is highly questionable in the case of diabetics suffer from type II diabetes.
Please be aware that neither insulin nor any of these oral hypoglycemic measures do not have any medicinal properties in relation to both forms of diabetes. None of these medical strategies has not been designed in order to standardize the capture of glucose by the cells that need it as an energy source for their activities.
In keeping with this orthodox treatment the prognosis is as follows: increasing disability and early death due to liver failure, heart disease or any of the other key bodies.


The third step in the treatment of this disease is to obtain information and an alternative method that is based on sound science.
Today there are effective alternative therapies to treat lead directly applicable to certain cases of type I diabetes and many cases of type II. About 5 percent of all diabetics suffer from Type I diabetes and approximately 95 percent of diabetes II.22 Gestational diabetes is simply ordinary diabetes, for which a pregnant woman gets sick.
As for type I diabetes, there is now an alternative method of treatment developed in modern hospitals in Madras, India, and subjected to rigorous testing random to determine its skuteczności.23 It allows you to restore the normal function of pancreatic beta cells, allowing the pancreas is again able to generate insulin. In this way, managed to recover 60 percent of cases of type I diabetes, which was tested this method. The main problem is whether the antigens, which led to the autoimmune destruction of beta cells, disappeared from the body, whether it remained. If left, the cure is less likely, and if you are gone, full recovery is possible. For the aforementioned reasons, this method is not out of chances to use in the United States nor the recognition by the orthodox medical community of that country.
The aim of any effective alternative program is to repair and restore the original mechanism of controlling the level of sugar by the body. It was a malfunction of this mechanism, which is eventually damaging the cause of operating symptoms, is what makes the orthodox method of treatment so financially beneficial to the industry, drugs for diabetes. As for type II diabetes, the steps of the program are as follows: 24
• Repair of blood sugar control.
This is accomplished by introducing into your diet clean, good for health fats and oils in the place looking spotless, but toxic, transizomerowej blends in attractive plastic containers that can be found on the shelves of our supermarkets. Should eat only flaxseed oil, fish, and from time to time, cod liver until when the level of sugar in the bloodstream begins to stabilize. Then switch to a diet healthy oils such as butter, coconut oil, olive oil and clean animal fat. Please read the labels and do not consume cheap junk oils when they are present in processed foods or foods served in restaurants. Diabetics suffer from a chronic lack of mineral salts, therefore, require an addition to the diet in the form of good quality and a wide range of such supplements.
• Personal control blood sugar levels during the recovery period.
Under medical supervision should be gradually withdrawn all oral hypoglycemic agents and other medications prescribed to counteract the adverse side effects of the former. Need to develop a natural control of blood sugar levels using tables the presence of glucose in the blood. Should consume small and frequent meals (including the fibrin-rich foods), exercise regularly after meals and exercise to avoid all sugars, including the reasonable use of only non-toxic słodzików.25 Avoid alcohol until stabilizing at a normal level of sugar. It is assumed the list of results sugar levels using a meter glucose meter. Everything you do, you must submit medical terminarzowi.
• Restoration of an appropriate proportion of healthy fats and oils after the restoration of proper mechanism to control blood sugar levels.
It should be permanently removed from the diet all cheap, toxic, junk fats and oils as well as processed and restaurant meals that contain them. When the mechanism that controls blood glucose again begins to work properly, you can incorporate into your diet slowly other healthy dishes. Should be monitored by the meter effect of these additional food consumption in terms of blood sugar and record the results in the log run the course of treatment.
• Continue treatment until you return to normal levels of insulin after blood sugar levels will stabilize near normal. When blood sugar drops to normal, the pancreas to stop overproduction of insulin. Typically, this process will take a little longer and can be checked by asking the doctor to send blood samples to the laboratory to determine the level of insulin in the blood. A good practice is to wait for several months after the restoration of blood sugar control mechanism and only after this time require the doctor check the level of insulin. Nice to have a normal blood sugar levels and even nicer when not accompanied by excess insulin in the blood.
• Separate side repair damage caused by the disease. Vascular problems caused by chronically elevated glucose level in normal conditions will spontaneously reverse without having to carry out activities in this direction. For example, the effects of retinopathy and peripheral neuropathy are usually samonaprawie. But when the delicate membranes of capillaries in the kidneys begin to leak the base as a result of chronic increase in blood glucose, the kidneys compensate for putting it in places not easily heal tissue leakage. This scaring tissue remains after curing diabetes, and it is therefore considered that the kidneys are not self-suffi-treatment.
Several exacerbation ... The occurrence of retinopathy may result in the temptation to repair the damage using laser surgery. This technique prevents retinal bleeding by creating scar tissue on it in places where there were leaks. This tissue, however, prevent the normal healing of fragile capillaries in the eye when the diabetes is already cured. The process of reversal of diabetes is a tremendous opportunity for complete recovery without the need for eye laser surgery. However, if you previously underwent laser surgery, full recovery will be difficult because of scar tissue that formed as a result of the laser.
As a result of many years of raising the level of glucose and insulin levels damage blood vessels and arteries and the spread of yeast in the body will slowly improved through proper diet, but before the arteries are cleared with the help of this form of oral chelation, take many years. Damage to arteries can be repaired more quickly by using intravenous chelacji.26 What is the application of an appropriate diet would take many years, with the help of intravenous therapy may take only six months. Such therapy is sometimes effective in 80 percent. For obvious reasons, please do not expect that your doctor will approve this treatment, especially if you are a specialist in heart disease.

Recovery time

Forecast is as follows: rapid recovery and restoration of normal energy levels within a few months to a year and sometimes longer. The length of the period, after which the treatment proves effective will depend on how long the disease has developed.
For those who quickly acted to reverse disease in its early diagnosis, this time is usually limited to a few months, and is sometimes even shorter. For those who suffer from this disease for many years, the healing process can be extended to a year or more. This should be a big incentive to take action to reverse the effects of the disease after it has identified.
Now that we've gotten, the reader, to this place and if I could just explain what our diabetes epidemic, you should already know what is the cause, what is the orthodox treatment of this disease and why diabetes has become both a national and an international disgrace.
I hope that what I wrote here, is sufficient to realize the existence of a self-help program, which features an enormous potential to cure this disease.

Author: Thomas Smith


About the Author:

Thomas Smith has become wary of academic medicine, since I had to take a self-treatment of his diabetes, after he realized that his doctor did not cure him of it. The results of his investigations on diabetes published in the guide of "do it yourself" entitled Insulin: Our Silent Killer (Insulin - our silent killer.) It gives detailed steps to be taken to reverse the effects of type II diabetes, and tells you how to proceed in the case of diabetes type I. This book can be purchased directly from him by writing to the postal address: PO Box 7685, Loveland, Colorado 80537 , USA, or e: n / / -> valley@healingmatters.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it E-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Much useful information about diabetes can be found on his website out at .

Translated by George Florczykowski


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Deadly deception on diabetes

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