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Indications for improving the regeneration capacity of the organism

Hi Michal,
I am neither a director nor a professor, nor the head. I am a computer scientist. Since 2000 I am on a diet doctor Jan Kwasniewski optimal. Also since 2002, interested in everything related to health - hence the idea to create this web site.
Unfortunately I have no experience in the treatment of cataracts, but maybe you will be interested in some of my observations, which are related to the broad health. On the basis of their experience deep trust in our ability samolecznicze organisms - provided they operate efficiently.

before you start any treatment is
1. Please just tested on parasites and to poison them - this is one of the easiest and very effective methods for improving the overall condition of their health. I would recommend this office in Warsaw, or any other office, using bio-resonance.

I recommend the articles at:
After poisoning the parasites can be very szybklo return, therefore, in particular one of the articles pay attention to diet anthelmintics.
The body is not burdened with parasites will be much faster regenerował.

2. simultaneously with the parasites recommend pay attention to the medical leeches.
Adequate blood flow is very important in reaching the immune system / regeneration to the furthest recesses of our body. If the blood is too thick, then it is difficult to reach places perfused through the capillaries. I would recommend this surgery Warsaw but also other doctors. In addition to dilution of venous blood leeches ukrwić allow very good place to stay in the vicinity of entering.
I recommend the articles at:

The eye is the blood supply using a very tiny blood vessels, whereas the corresponding blood flow should help in such treatment.

3. Filtering the water - the cleaner the better cleanses the body. In my opinion, water should be the least mineralized, as each additional element in the water causes the water particles embarrassment - the more uncomfortable the solvent water is worse and worse cleanses the body with unnecessary things.

4. I recommend Dr. Jan Kwasniewski's diet-it is one of the few diets, which I just used the body is not acidic

5. At the end of probably the hardest thing and probably the least appreciated - even by me - but I am convinced with each passing day more and more, that it might be one of the most important things in our lives - breathing exercises - scooping air into the lungs, and pausing for several seconds while short-circuit all the muscles - can better oxygenate the blood.
A very simple exercise is to try to raise up off the ground with his hands folded on his shoulders - lying on the ground we become free to air, disable it and try to pick up. In this exercise is not about raising the total, only about how muscle tension to rise - a momentary short circuit these muscles with the lungs full of air helps to oxygenate the. It is one of the most natural form of oxygen the body. Every body needs to naturally oxygenate when getting up from rest.

Best regards,

Master's comment to the article:

I appeal to you / and director / professor / senior consultant ophthalmic medical clinic on the Internet. Please give me information about the answer to meile ==, or by phone at tel (041) 332xxxx, 79230xxxx after 18 hours .==. Because I have been for 3 years at an advanced medium = = cataract in his right eye, and I was only inflammation in the eye before. I have been in all supported each other ophthalmologists in the region and did not help me. Zwraczm to you / and the information and help if I can any where in Poland and even abroad to cure a cataract in the right eye but note = only without surgery, avoid, bypass surgery for cataract, = and I can cure a cataract by-way by drugs like drops tablets and other pharmaceutical. Just to avoid surgery for cataracts the lens of what I was told. And I, sir / and as I do you / and this will I pay and take credit for such treatment, even from a few thousand to kilkunasty just to cure what I have an advanced cataract 3 years by drugs bezope.
Indications for improving the regeneration capacity of the organism

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