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dr. Rybczynski Anatol


It was Easter, 1949. Hospital oncology ward them. J. Ostrich in Poznan, Department of Surgery III, served as doctor on call Anatoly Rybczynski, an oncologist-surgeon. On one of the rooms was dying of lung cancer young, twenty-two man. To save a dying view of other patients, the nurse decided to carry it in isolation. The doctor did not want to let die in solitude, took him to his office. In the hospital, there was absolute silence, the only sound was the loud ringing of bells at the resurrection at a nearby church. Suddenly, the patient grabbed the doctor's hand and said: 
- Doctor, you have to be dealt with finding a cure for cancer. I know that such a cure is found. But please promise me that you begin the test. 

The doctor had no choice. Not denied the dying man. This promise has already resulted in a few months. Later that same year the hospital hired some farm buildings and adapted them to the laboratory. Besides arranged a room for experimental animals. Already in January 1950 began a systematic study. Since Hippocrates, Copernicus, Galileo, and Pasteur, and Sedlak, from time to time appear in different fields of science scholars ahead of his time. Their biographies have many common features. Above all, sacrifice their private lives to learning, making momentous discoveries and inventions. They operate mostly in isolation, following the inquisitiveness and pursuit of truth, which is characteristic of a true scientist.They reject the existing doctrines in their time, limiting the freedom of thought and research. After making the discovery, often inconsistent, and even revolutionary to the currently existing doctrines come into conflict with its own environment, they are alienated, rejected (Pasteur), or even cursed (Copernicus). Such cases in all areas of science are many. In the books, "Forbidden Archeology", or "learning errors" are shown the mechanisms by which guided regarded as "authorities" of science, just to maintain existing, the only correct theory. 

One of the many victims of these mechanisms was Dr. Anatol Rybczynski.Devoted his life to research on the nature of cancer and finding a cure for this terrible disease. A doctor with careful, pre-war education, conducted their research according to all canons of science. 

dr. Rybczynski 
Rejected all the existing theories. In his medical practice had the opportunity to observe many patients with various cancers (approximately 35,000 patients). He saw the ineffectiveness of current treatments. The study lasted for many years, but in 1954 he began treatment according to the method discovered by myself. Has kept people cured of cancer. During the study, the same incidence of lung cancer, his method krórego cured within two years. He wrote 52 articles about his findings and sent to the various editors of medical journals. None of them have been accepted for publication. At the end of life, in 1999 Dr. Rybczynski asked the President of the Faculty of Medical Sciences-u, a professor Janusz Komendera asked to read the results of his research. Answer professor was devastating. The doctor says "no reference at all to the uploaded material presented to me as an ignoramus niezaradnego, niewiedzącego what i want and what is not interfering in their affairs. Referring to the Director of the Institute of Medicines, and even the then Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, also remainedunnoticed. Seeing the hopelessness of his efforts Dr. Rybczynski, left his achievements Wieslaw Tomczak - the only person who has for many years cooperated with him, she knew very well his method of treating cancer, and the manufacture of the preparation ANRY. It was also instructed to continue his work. Dr. Anatol died Rybczynski in 2001 at age 92. 


dr. Rybczynski Anatol

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