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Dependence among the animals - an addiction, drug, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana

What is there to hide, people like altered states of consciousness. The cigarette after a stressful event, a beer during a meeting with friends or something more powerful and ...Cigarettes and alcohol are legal drugs that alter brain function.There are many other, illegal. And these people love their poison. Chemical departure is not our invention. Animals also are looking for an exciting experience with plants, insects and everything they can find.

Elephants for centuries were regarded as gods. Their excellent memory and wisdom was revered and respected. The elephant became the mascot of the Republican Party in the USA. Just like humans, large mammals are social creatures. A very long time take care of their young, form a closely related family, mourn their dead. Like alcohol and opiates. In October 2007, six young elephants attacked a village in India, broke into the store with beer, upiło, snatched pole and died of electric shock. In 2002 a group of drunken elephants trampled a different village, killing six people.

Alcoholism among elephants has become an increasingly pressing problem in Africa and India. Because elephants are inherently wise creatures, increasingly częściejsze meeting people allowed them to conclude that where there are people, there is alcohol.

The horses on the plains of the American Midwest were its own drug itself. Plants of bobowatych, so. locoweed, they do what nicotine in humans - a highly addictive agent that kills them slowly over the years. In early spring, locoweed on some pasture is the only green plant. Horses eat it first because of the nutritional value, and then come back because of its psychoactive properties. Animals that eat it for a long time, show signs of depression, weight loss and unpredictable behavior.

Rancherzy trying to protect their flocks from a dangerous plant, however, it grows practically everywhere and it is impossible to completely eradicate.

Canadian Sheep are able to find the psychoactive substances even in the harsh mountains and poor, where there is almost nothing but rocks. On these rocks and grows very rare species of lichen. Although it occurs only in the most inaccessible places, and has no nutritional value, sheep, and so risking a broken leg, and life just to get to him. And then my teeth scrape up every last piece of lichen.

Reindeer, like most herbivores are relatively resistant to various toxins. Often they eat plants that humans would produce at least a serious stomach ache. We are happy to partake in the poisonous mushrooms. Included in these neurotoxins cause the serious reindeer begin to behave like Disney cartoon heroes.Apparently, the shamans used to drink the reindeer urine to survive their own magical journeys ...

Bees, social insects, forming a unique complex of the family, also did not shun alcohol. The researchers found that bees do not like drunk to fly, are less involved in social behavior and more aggressive. Some of the subjects drank so much that they're lying, they can only move on the back and legs in the air.

It seems that bees naturally feel attracted to fermenting fruit, but the swarm has very strict rules against drunk. If any of the workers will return to the hive under the influence of alcohol, the guards bite her leg.

Jaguars have their own hallucinogens. Banisteriopsis caapi, a plant present in the jungles of South America gives them a nice departure. Similar to its smaller cousins, jaguars eat plants to cleanse your digestive tract. But choosing the list, which operate not only on their stomach and intestines. Banisteriopsis caapi contains various substances similar to those that can be found in antydepresantach. They give predators haj and sharpen their senses. Many tribes use the plant during magical rituals. Some scientists believe that they discovered the hallucinogenic properties through the observation of behavior of jaguars. In any event, the rain forests could be full of drugged predators.

What animals are able to feel ... differently? Capuchin and lemurs in Madagascar using the toxin produced by millipedes.Their secretions but also contains cyanide, which kills just about anything. However, the possibility of death in pain does not stop any of the monkeys and prosimians. They form large groups and even together they are going.

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Dependence among the animals - an addiction, drug, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana

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