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Dr Pierr'a Dukan Diet

Diet Dr Pierr'a Dunkan is one of the most popular current form of adipose tissue reduction. Its popularity is due both due to the simplicity in application and effects of that guarantee.

Has been divided into four stages of progress, you should consider to discuss.

1. PHASE-articulated? also called the attack phase. Is carried out using a typical protein diet to be healthier and more effective method than the popular and even more dangerous for the body of fasting. Author diet has divided into eight categories (groups) of products to choose from any of the items and combine with products from other groups in its sole discretion, and to eat at all times. All of these products are allowed at this stage, so automatically that you do not mention Thread is prohibited. Shelf Impact should last from 1 to 10 days.

? lean meats: veal, horsemeat, beef except rozbratla entrecote and bone, all on gillu or baked in the oven without added fat
? offal: liver, cynadry, veal or beef tongue (tip)
? all fish, fat, skinny, with white or blue skin, raw, baked, smoked or cooked
? seafood (crustaceans and molluscs)
? in addition to ducks and poultry without skin
? lean ham, lean turkey sausage, chicken or pork
? eggs
? low fat dairy products (for 4gram fat per 100g)
? and a half liters of water with low content of mineral salts
? aids: coffee, tea, herbal teas, vinegars, herbs, spices, pickles, lemon (not as a drink), salt, and mustard (moderate)
? oat bran or wheat to 2 tablespoons a day

2. PHASE RHYTHM steady weight loss? this is a step back with the alternating treatment options described earlier, namely diet and protein-protein diets with the inclusion of vegetables. The products described in the shock phase, remain unchanged and can continue to apply. For these products we can add the following options.

? tomatoes
? cucumbers
? radishes
? spinach
? asparagus
? far
? Green string beans
? cabbage
? mushrooms
? celery
? dill
? including any green lettuce, chicory, chard, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and even carrots and beets, provided that it will not be disclosed to any meal

Cycles that we used alternately to plan as follows:

- 7 / 7 (7 days protein diet as in the previous phase / 7 days a protein-vegetable diet)
- 5 / 5
- 1 / 1

According to recent research published by Thread in one of his last books, he emphasized the fact that similar results in many cases can result in both cycles 1 / 1 and 7 / 7. This often helps to avoid some of those disincentives periods.

It should be noted, however, that the result brings mixed cycles such as:

- 2 / 5 (2 days-protein diet, 5 days a protein-vegetable diet)?proposed for the weaker organisms
- 2 / 5 (2 days-protein diet, 5 days? Normal nutrition?)? for those wishing to carry out a slight reduction

Phase of the cycle begins with the vegetables, after this period is typically followed by a period of protein. Theoretically, this phase should end after reaching the intended weight.

3. PHASE WEIGHT ACQUIRED Fixation? as the name suggests, it seeks to maintain the achieved to date weight loss and prevent the occurrence of sudden yoyo effect. Its duration should be determined according to the scheme:

Number of lost kg x 10 = number of days during the phase, eg

8 x 10 = 80 days

During this phase should focus on the following food groups:

? Protein foods Phase I (shock)
? Vegetables Phase II uniform
? one serving of fruit a day, except bananas, grapes and cherries
? 2 slices whole wheat bread a day
? 40 grams cheese
? 2 servings of starchy foods per week
? leg of lamb or roast pork tenderloin
? two festive meals a week.: so. FEAST - twice a week, at intervals of several days (eg Tuesday and Friday, Tuesday and Saturday), we can not afford to eat so far prohibited: pizza, ice cream winko.IMPORTANT: we eat a meal at a time, do not we make themselves after a while, to finish the dish.

Mandatory must remember that once a week (one day) should be applied protein diet!

4. Definitive PHASE STABILIZATION? is a kind of phase which is an extension of the previous phase. With this difference, it might be used by practically all his life, and is to apply once a week (one day a week) protein diet. It is a behavior / swindle appropriate eating habits. It should also ensure adequate fiber in your body, you are such a good source of oat bran.

The paper is for informational purposes only, the author is not liable for side effects resulting from the use of supplements.
Dr Pierr'a Dukan Diet

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