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Four blood groups, four diets?? According to the optimal doctor's

In 1998 he appeared on our market, publishing a book by Peter J. D Adamo ˘ Fri "Eat according to your blood group and soon became quite prominent, and find people to apply to its recommendations. Raise this issue because it is increasingly emerging doubts about the merger with the recommendations of optimal nutrition author of the above books. 
The mere publication of Peter J. D Adamo ˘ is written in a simple, easily digestible for the average reader. 
Arguments concerning the differences between people with different blood groups seems to be quite convincing and clear. 

Their experience with the feeding blood group compatible with the author based on the experiences of his own father and own more than 4000 patients. It also gives examples of specific people who helped his diet, which easily reaches the recipient. 
A serious shortcoming is the omission of the book explains the medical necessity of a correction, which is lingering errors such as naming your child leukocytosis pediatric leukemia (leukemia).

It is not known at the same or similar errors come from glitches in the translation, or from the author.

Quite a big hurdle in the practical application of diet may be low availability of food recommended in the book, although the author gives a possible substitute products.

What therefore is the theory of nutrition based on differences in blood groups?

W / g, Peter J. D Adamo ˘ variety of blood groups is due to present in the old days migrations. 
Early man evolved in Africa and there was the first blood group "0". At a time when man lived regions of the Sahara today that there was only one group of blood, and diet consisted primarily of meat of hunted animals. 
As a result of resource depletion has been hunting for expansion to Europe and Asia.Sedentary peoples in the north after a time were forced to address the gathering and farming, and here because they ran out of stocks of wildlife.

On the basis of food plant was blood group A, which in principle is best suited to a vegetarian diet. 
As a result of subsequent migrations from Europe to the east was the present settlement areas of India and Pakistan, where the diet was based on meat, dairy products and crops.

There emerged a blood group "B". As a result of the mixing of people from groups "A" and "B" had created a new and youngest "AB". 
Each of the existing blood group developed to the author in different conditions and differed dramatically their food, so now those with a specific group should implement nutrition, such as their ancestors. 
Peter J. D Adamo ˘ claims that consumption of products not indicated for this group can have harmful effects on human health due to the presence of so-called. lectins. 
These are relatively recently discovered glycoprotein on the cell surface responsible for the merger, for example, bacteria or viruses from the cell membranes of various tissues. Lectin could be so called "kotwiczkami" cells. 
The foods are free lectin, which, after escaping into the blood to cause agglutination (clumping) of red blood cells. 
This occurs when a person eats incompatible blood type diet such as people with the "A" to eat pork supply for themselves harmful lectins, because they are designed to vegetarianism. 
In addition, the author writes that the food lectins can react with receptors on the surface of white blood cells, causing them to over-cultivation leading to leukocytosis. 
To detect the presence of harmful lectins Peter J. D Adamo recommends ˘ Indican test measures the content of indole in the urine, which escaped into the bloodstream from the gut.Provide a high ratio test has a high content of harmful lectins in foods. 
Here in a brief general guidelines are presented to representatives of groups: 
- "O" (Hunter) are recommended for animal products, but you should avoid fatty foods because it leads to heart disease and cancer. Are also not recommended dairy products and cereal - "A" (Farmer) - due to poor digestion of meat recommended to consume vegetable protein (soy), and large quantities of vegetables and fruits. 
For people with blood group "A" would be the best vegetarian and large quantities of spices - "B" (balanced type)-the best are lean meat, fish, dairy products and cereals and all fruit - "AB" (Enigma)-because that the emergence of a nearly 1000 years ago, it is difficult to accurately determine the indicators to avoid products not indicated for the groups "A" and "B".Recommended are dairy products, fish, cereals and all fruit except the south. 
Regardless of the blood group of all, the author recommends avoiding the same pork and animal fats, as they are commonly regarded as harmless. In addition to specific diets for different people, different exercises are recommended supplements and vitamins and microelements.

Express their views on a diet consistent with the blood group should begin with the author himself. Peter J. D Adamo ˘ is presented as a prominent doctor of natural medicine, which deliberately (or not?) Misleads the reader. 
W / g of Polish law a doctor is a person who acquired the title after graduating from medical school. 
Creator graduated diet described in the early 80's. Bastyr College in Seattle, which is equivalent to the Polish school of college, after which there is obtained an academic title. 
Used in the book mistranslation suggests something else entirely. 
The author claims that he eats according to their blood type, (not surprisingly), and because it has the "A", is a vegetarian (vegetarian diet, a description is given in the previous issue). 
Let us now examine the above theories from the medical point of view. 
On the surface it seems obvious that the difference in blood group affects the individual human characteristics. A specific blood group is determined 
By the presence of antigens on the cell membranes of erythrocytes (and other body cells) and specific antibodies that destroy blood group incompatible. In addition to the three main antigens distinguished Rh and 23 other groups, resulting in considerable variation in the occurrence of blood groups. 
It should also be noted that blood is the tissue that belongs to the total, not just liquid. In addition to the AB0 system in the tissues are well known. Histocompatibility antigens (HLA), which represents a large diversity osobniczym people. This fact the author does not take into account. 
Very risky (not to say meaningless) is putting the author's thesis about the formation of blood groups in the population as a result of migration to adapt to changing conditions. 
The author assumes that, for over 40,000 years, new blood group a person would need to mutate faster than a bow tie Drosophillia, as indeed he himself admits. It is also far-fetched conclusion that a man went to feed the plant because of depletion of resources on hunting, what really took place only in the last few hundred years. 
The author in his book omits (perhaps uncomfortable) the fact that neither man has the blood group. Each animal species is also characterized by distinctive features such as blood groupa cow has more than 20 groups and no one can say that they arose as a result of changes in nutrition, because she eats grass wherever they occur. Peter J. D ˘ Adamo in his book "Eat according to your blood group," suggests that the men were among the different features of metabolism, which can not be said in the literature. Rather intermediate trails transformation B, T, W exhibit constancy regardless of race, climate or blood groups, as evidenced by the presence of the same enzymes and hormones.

The author, moreover, ignores the importance of the quantity and biochemical composition of products and their further fate after absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Much greater emphasis on the effect of lectins in foods. Incompatible blood groups for the lectin to cause damage to internal organs due to clumping of red blood cells in a specific location (eg, liver, kidney, heart). 
As mentioned above, it is possible to call by lectin agglutination, but after they get through to the bloodstream. 
Glycoprotein (compounds consisting of protein and sugar) are too big to be absorbed by the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and must already be digested into amino acids and sugar molecules, but they lose their properties. 
It is also baseless statement that when attached to white blood cells, lectin stimulates them to reproduce. 
As is well known leukocytes do not have the ability to multiply? All blood cells originate and mature in the bone marrow and blood no longer dominate their mature forms. These lectins to be found dangerous by the author examining the urine for the presence of indole. 
High levels of this compound is no evidence of excessive "rot gut" which causes the production of toxic indole, which is absorbed into the blood and is carcinogenic. 
Indeed, the indole is formed in the gut and he is responsible for the odor of feces, but the substrate to produce a tryptophan - an amino acid exogenous (essential in the diet). 
Thus, the amount of tryptophan (contained mainly in animal products) will depend on the test result. 
Scrolls through the book several times say that blood is the key to immunity. The author can not reasonably prove this, however, because the ABO group system antibodies do not play a role in immunological processes of the body. 
Must also absorb the fact that, despite the author look into the relationship between diet and blood group also said that 50-80% of all diseases in modern life is caused by stress.

Overall, the findings presented above, a diet that is completely at odds with optimal nutrition, and has no scientific basis, and is even incompatible with the latter. The author, who according to the Polish understanding is not a doctor based on the approximately 4,000 cases, which represents only a tiny fraction of the optimum in Poland. 
For the past two years to more than 3,000 people found no correlation between the process of recovery and the patient's blood group. May not be surprising to the author, who, being a vegetarian trying to find some connection between health and nutrition, but it fails to do this due to lack of scientific basis. Striking is the fact that this diet could arouse the interest of optimal, especially doctors, who should yet have the knowledge needed to evaluate the information contained in the book. 

Lek, MD, Przemyslaw Pala
medical consultant and tutor

Four blood groups, four diets?? According to the optimal doctor's

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